Lapses in Memory: Age? – Short Post


There’s really a lot to blog from the past 3 months, but I really do not have a time and my machine broke last October and I just got it back on.

memory1Well from I will retro a lot of posts just to have something every month. A lot of opportunities were coming and going out of my hands but I guess it’s better to be occupied with my family than anything else.

What Keeps Me Busy

I am very busy playing in the past 2 months and then my machine broke. Then I got a shifting schedule in the office which really ruins my sleeping habits. I’ve been busy with my wife since she got an emergency last October. This by the way is good, that I got to do the chores that I never tried before, which is very revealing at this stage of my life. My daughter got some nifty medals to add up on the rewards of being a parent.

Recent events really give me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a responsible husband and dad to my daughter which will be eventually twice as fun. Taking all the credit on the past activities I really have these lapses in my memory and organization. This draws a lot of work; let’s call it a side effect of the task assigned that should have got on the first try.

I really need to do some memory exercise for myself to keep me from being reminded every time.


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