Yolanda: Strongest to hit the Philippines

Reed Richards

She is the strongest to hit the Philippines and the world so far. Haiyan her international name hit 22 provinces November 8 morning. Hitting the shores of Samar Friday morning, even there are evacuation efforts before this treacherous landfall still Samar really suffered much.

As she passed Samar, Yolanda maintained its sustained winds of 215 kph , which really makes this typhoon a very strong one. Normally a tropical storm or even stronger ones toned down its strength to a more non destructive depression, but this one did not budge a bit. Though its winds and rains are most likely in the center, areas on its tails are still not safe. Luckily Metro Manila did not experience much of the wrath but still as prevention, private offices cancelled their operation early in preparation of this typhoon.

Forecasted to hit Guiuan and Abuyog then pass Biliran, Iloilo and Capiz, early evacuations are done wishing to have zero casualties. Despite the efforts, as of 11pm there are recorded 33 casualties and a million of properties damaged by this catastrophe.

This was a capture from above, but in land it is a different story.

Super Typhoon Yolanda

Here are snapshots of what happened in the ground.

Tacloban footage


All are in high alert in the provinces that are affected and prayers roam in the social media. Philippines have the highest number of Catholics in South East Asia, proving their faith in these times of trials.

PAGASA the weather bureau in the Philippines has gained praise to the early identifying of the upcoming typhoon and warning everyone. They have time to time updates in twitter and on their website make sure

So far very strong winds from where I am right now are felt. The family is safe and maybe I can monitor the winds making sure everything is ok.


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