Reformatting Blog: Back to Dev again


I’ve been to the IT business consulting for quite some time and I wish to have learned this lot earlier than today. I will reformat the concept of the blog again. I will be introducing web development again. I have a new role in my new company and I miss creating applications from scratch, designing it from scratch and this is to try myself again in HTML and being novice again.

I love being a beginner

Being a beginner is to be hungry with knowledge again and starting with the basics again (to be refreshed). Being a beginner even if you have years of experience is very liberating. It’s not that you don’t know anything from the field it’s just the interest of being a beginner, that’s what I want to practice.

It is not easy being me

I have a lot of roles and I wanted to be still attached to the industry that given me the opportunity to a lot of things. I will be creating posts related to PHP development and framework development.

I want to use CakePHP

I am not lucky in using Codeigniter but still I want to try something new to me. I heard a lot of CakePHP but not really into working on it and now is the time.


I am also interested with another fear of me javascript. Trying this new javascript framework would really boosts me a lot of interest of developing again.

I hope this would materialize early quarter of this year while I build the new site, I will be residing temporarily on my eneza blog. Well I will be looking forward to have the new blog in the new site.

Let’s get to work!


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