Colder Mornings: The Sweetest Hugs for Couples


Well I maybe mislead my title, this does not work for me, and we do more with the baby than we as couples. The past few days are really cold out here, due to wind systems coming from cold Siberia and China, we do not cuddle much as a couple. Well for some new born, we are more focus on the new girl than to ourselves which we admit to ourselves that is why we rather have occasional hugs than cuddle ourselves at night while we are sleeping.

It is really healthy for a couple that really feels their partner physically. Well for at least a hug or a kiss, it is greatly appreciated.

How to fight a very cold day?

Share a hot coffee or chocolate with your love ones or a hot soup which is my favorite by the way. It relieves my throat rather than the coffee and the choco.

This is also an opportunity to talk and check with your partner how is she? Let this be a opener for a conversation. Recently we really do moved on with the kids ills last few weeks, well it is really a wallet ripper. So we talked about plans ahead and a new opportunity opening for wife and she’s excited then I am excited, support all the way.

Cold mornings can be even warmer with the love you radiate to your partner by doing talks about life plans. Plans and dreams you build together as one family.


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