Tuning Symfony : The First Step


This will be a series of steps on how to use and create web applications using Symfony. The series will provide guide on how to survive using Symfony.

What the hell is Symfony anyways? It is a PHP framework for creating powerful web applications. It is currently used by many enterprises around the world. It is also defined as a community that builds a whole new user experience.   For the whole series I will be using Netbeans IDE 8.0 and our framework is Symfony. I haven’t planned topics yet for the whole series I am just excited to announce that you all will be part of my journey to tuning Symfony. Expect a whole package from installing to migrating it to Netbeans, creating the website and finishing the whole project so it will be fun.

This is also serve as my documentation of my progress and so make it also your progress benchmark. Though I am not sure on how advance or how basic I will be discussing but I will make sure that I can move the message across all audience.

Like I said previously I will be using Netbeans, I also be using XAMPP for the local server and Google Chrome as my browser, if you haven’t installed it yet here you go, just to be consistent with the design for css issues. I will be using HTML5 or maybe I can use some Jquery to some parts of the tutorial so maybe you may add those to your checklist. Prerequisite also you need to know HTML5 and basic javascript and a little bit of jquery. Get your bookmarks ready list those all up and start reading before I start this series. Happy Coding!


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