When Was the Last Time I Made a Web App

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The sword is really rusty for me, since I started on being a service engineer, I missed the times I created something from scratch and presented it to a client. Reminiscing those good old days, well there is no excuse to create something like that today.

From the previous post I discussed on how to power up your machine with Symfony. Then next we will create small system that will use our framework. Here we will create the concept of our Web Application.

What you should learn first

Framework is for advanced users actually, so what you need first in building your next web application.

HTML – This is the framework of your work, your skeleton. This is where it will start, this is where it will end. You need to learn this one first since you are working with tags mostly and you will embed it either in PHP or in Javascript.

Javascript – You have your skeleton, we need a soul, this is the interaction begins. Javascript is the one you can rely on user experience definitely a taker.

PHP – Basic PHP will do, just need to understand the starts and the exits of the code and its function, its purpose. You need a debugger on this one since you need to track on how it works.

These three are the fundamentals the next are the secondary skill you should know but as equal important, since you are on your own.

CSS – Learn the basics, try it for yourself, try a few codes and see what it can do. These are all cosmetic but equally important as the first three.

Design – Not all people can design, not all people has taste. Have few tutorials online on how to create interfaces. These are essential also that goes hand in hand with the function of your web application.

I already mentioned some tools of the trade on creating a website here is the list. Next will be the concept.

We will start creating a simple web page first before the hard ones.


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