3AM Thoughts: So Many Things to Learn, So Little Time

First of all, I really find it hard to settle. I usually look for new things to learn, yet there are circumstances that are inevitable. A lot time are taken up travelling to work. Yet if you don’t go to work, you lose your job. Though you have a lot of options beside your current job or going to work, the options cannot give you the current salary you have or higher, need to “earn” it. So we go to work. You are in a very controlled environment, so there are a lot of logs going on, filtering and blocking. The work you are into is yet satisfying but taken a lot of your time.

Weekends be like, with your family. But this is the only time you can explore further your capabilities. Especially if you are in the industry that is fast paced and evolving every minute.

You are not required to have this knowledge in a lifetime, yet you can’t settle. Taking yourself in the highest high you can get, yet before you know it, you splat back to where you came from.

There is indeed a lot to learn, yet so little time. A lot of things to explore, then reality takes you back. Reality itself is not the enemy but the time. Like in the famous lines of a popular series, “the climb is all there is.”  Time is not in your side when you reach 30’s, this is the time you need to settle, you need something to focus on and reach, deal with it. Time is not your friend anymore, but will it hold you from reaching what you wanted to do? Do it, just do it. Do it in any way possible. Knowledge is always there, ready for the taking. “Only the ladder is real… “. Climb it, climb it as high as you can. Climb it like you never climb before. Or somebody else’s will.

Life is a never ending learning. Never ending climbing, walking, climb again and occasionally running. Sometimes life can be a large ocean, you need to learn to swim. Life that we have now is how we define it. We define our own lives. Learn how to deal with it, that sometimes you are in a dry land, you will brought to a very wide body of water. Adapting is also one of the things you need to learn, adapting is survival and survival is sometimes really sucks. It sucks sometimes that you don’t know whose you are breathing right now. Maybe it’s your boss’ air that you breathe and then became toxic.

Life could be sometimes a bridge. Crossing it and you find yourself in another bridge. Life could be a loop. Could be anything. Could be your dog, your wife, children, brother or mother. Defining what is life sometimes could be answered when you are dying or in your 70’s or your 80’s if you are that lucky. Sometimes you learn a lot when you are approaching on your end days. Still learning on my 70’s not a problem.

Learning, it is a game changer. It would depends on how will you use it, how will you take it? How will you spend it? Learning life and life learning are all relative to time. You work on what you love and the rest is secondary.


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