Web Development: The Road to Laravel

I am getting the hang of it! Yes, I am moving again to web development. When I got a better internet connection, I asked myself, “What’s your excuse, now?” It’s like learning how to walk again.


Baby steps I found video tutorials for Laravel and I am feeling good with it. I am working now on the 5th screencast on their laracasts website. I encounter some of the challenges since this is the official framework since I stop igniting.


I am parallel learning some web design tutorials and taking notes on some of the technologies that were mentioned in the tutorials, like REST, boilerplate etc. I am familiarizing with HTML5 again, since I never used a single HTML5 tag ever since its launch back in 2014.

It’s never too late to learn something new again. I love being a newbie again, but it did not matter to me the fact that I tried learning it and getting my blades sharper than ever.


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