This Space Will Remain Personal

I know when crawlers go to my site, they will index a tons of keywords on my blog. This is completely in random, even politics and religion co-exists in my blog. I will keep this personal as it is now. What the hell am I talking about? I already put up a blog that will talk about more of my tech stuff and slabs.

Fullstacker will take care of all webby and techy. The question is why? Simply to share thoughts in our tech days where everyone has known a lot of tech stuff. This is also preparation if ever I wanted to shift back to web.

I regaining my social accounts, web design accounts, forum accounts so lot of stuff I lost this past years. I should maintain a huge part of my time thinking of what to write now if I want to succeed or something that I would love to settle to, since I have issues with in terms of settling.

Awakening again the artistic part of me. No more excuses no more. I already have the tools I just need to yield it. I need to work on it one step higher, if I wanted to change my life I have today. No more procrastination.

I will plan my posts and have case studies to work on. I will write updates on the latest technologies and programming releases.




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