A Month of Absence

I think it is more than a month from my last post. This is really not good. When I am not in front of the computer I have a lot of thoughts in mind on what is happening in the country or even what was my opinion when Trump wins presidency. A lot of things are coming down when I am commuting to reach the office on time. Why do I need to blog anyway? I don’t need this crazy hobby writing, what is going down? I love to write, but words don’t like me. I can not find the words or right words or even the right topic to write to. It is a real mess around my head.

What am I doing if I am not writing? A lot of my time involves resting. Yes, I rest. When I am not resting I am doing house chores and yes, I do house chores. The rest all consists of playing and working. I have a lot of comics to read and yet, I still can’t find time.

I think this is already the fourth year that I wanted to organize myself — or maybe fifth year. Yet I am still on square one. I need some wisdom on how to do this management thing, I will try this again.


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