The Genesis Project: Student Information System

This is a popular project among college students, well for at least in my generation. I have a bit of knowledge that the projects or thesis now, are a bit complicated and has some modules that would require of mobile integration. The student information system is my very first project that require me to have programming logic. I am still learning the ropes back then so the simple information system took me 6 months to build, the challenge is to build an information system as a web application within 2 – 3 months max.

The Study

From the timeline set, which is for me a generous one, the information system to be built has 3 main parts.


  1. The Admin –  It will be the main stage of the project. The main control for all transactions for both school administrators and teachers.
  2. The Frontend – This will be the face of our system, where in the students can view all the information about them. I haven’t set anything yet and this module will expand as we go.
  3. Inquiry Module – This is the part where in the people not within the organization can access. This is some sort of the website part of the project. The website is not literally the frontend, since the frontend is planned to be implemented within the organization’s network.


These 3 concepts of the projects are in the initial phase as I am creating this post. The initial flow is already created that will serve as guide of the project.


What will be out end goal here? To create an information system that will help both teachers and students blah blah blah…. You don’t think I will go with that kind of documentation shinanigans do you? I have been on the sidelines for a long time it is time to take it back. To be with web development again and this is just a first step.


The target is to finish a working Student Information System in 8 weeks but I am giving myself an allowance of another 4 weeks.

The timer will start next week, everything wil be documented here and in my fullstacker blog which is pretty bare at the moment if you would try to visit it. The link for the release notes for others to have reference with, will be released soon but I am planning to put it up in blogger.

Stay Tuned! Happy Coding Everyone!


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