Avengers Infinity War Trailer: And It’s Very Exciting

The newest trailer of Avengers is out! And it is amazing and very exciting. I think a review is no longer necessary since viewing it alone says it all. This blog will be just part of my theory of what will happen in the Infinity War.

I will let the rest to the experts but I only have 3 points here so here it is

Black Order
Black Order

Expect the Black Order – The Black Order is the group created by Thanos to raze worlds. What will be their role in this movie? For this movie the main purpose of The Black Order is to collect the Infinity Stones for Thanos.

Corvus Glaive
Corvus Glaive

Notice on the first trailer that there is someone getting the stone from Vision. The signature staff of Corvus Glaive can be seen in the first trailer. Also there is also this scene where in the spear of Proxima Midnight is striking into the darkness.

Ebony Maw
Ebony Maw

And we have Ebony Maw, not a fighter but a real strategist for the Mad Titan. We can see in the second trailer he held the sorcerer supreme, Dr. Strange.

Ebony Maw vs. Dr. Strange – In the trailer we can see that Ebony Maw captured the Sorcerer Supreme. Will MCU follow what is in the comics?

Which concludes on the last theory, is Thane be in the movie?

Thanos vs. Thane – In Marvel Comics the purpose of Ebony Maw capturing Dr. Strange is to locate, Thane, the son of Thanos. But in the trailer we can see that Thanos held hands with an alien kid, is this Thane?

Thanos with a kid
Thanos with a kid

Who is this kid?

The answer to that is yet to find out. Like I said I am no expert, I leave it to the big guys in reddit.

Avengers Infinity War will be on screens April 2018

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