The Late: Avengers: Infinity War Review

Yes you heard it, this review is late a week late. To why, we do not want to discuss it here. Maybe, I guess I let the late viewers of Infinity War watch the movie first. I am decent man so I will not spoil other people. Enough excuses already it’s taking too much space on the actual post. The post should be at least a word and a half long only because the review will be just, “awesome yeah!”


Why is it awesome? Technically because its not DC. Besides that because its Marvel. Kidding aside, the movie is damn long but in the end I still found myself asking why? and that’s it? Waiting for the end credits to finish and the end credits cut scene. In reality I just still want more action.

Not so long ago I wrote my expectation in the movie and my prediction regarding to the task of the Black Order, to collect the Infinity Stones. They tried but they all failed. Still in the course of the story Thanos get the infinity stones himself. Thane is not in the movie and the little girl on the trailers? It’s Gamora, the scene with the little Gamora is a flashback when Thanos murdered villagers of Gamora’s kind and adopt her as his child.

Ebony Maw almost got the Time Gem from Dr. Strange himself but he failed. Until Spider-man showed up and Iron Man come up with a great plan.


The movie is well made, no dead scenes every scene is important. It mash up with all of the MCU movies you watched before this Avengers: Infinity War.

The real question is that, why the hulk didn’t showed up after the melee combat with Thanos? Which is a classic by the way.

The movie is superb a 10/10 rating for this one.

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