Guilty as Charged: Netflix is on To Me

Okay, I am into Netflix. They just nailed it. This Defenders union series, Iron Fist’s series and 13 Reasons Why, Netflix just nailed my craving for a good story. Though I heard Iron Fist’s review is bad, well, for me it is a stale story so far but good. It’s just freaking too-good-to-be-true monk. Rand is just too (too) attached of the teachings of the monks that he don’t listen, listening ain’t part of the “discipline”? But for me it is still good, the gore and the kung fu so far, though sometimes it is obvious it is scripted but they can improve it. Going back to Netflix, I have seen these two series and I am impressed on how they would knock the competition down. CW has a up their notch on the “superhero series” part and Flash is still good and Netflix is slowly moving in the end. They hitting the right balance and substance and message.

Yes, that’s the keyword, the message of every series. Let’s see if I would see that on Unfortunate series of Events and Stranger Things. I need to catch up on these two since they have a loud noise when they released. I will respond to the call this time.

Ok, I admit these series is keeping me busy instead of the Genesis Project that we started last month. I guess before I will hook up on these series again I need to focus more on the project.

Happy watching!


Captain America: Civil War – The Movie Review


This is highly anticipated for most fans, they will definitely blog this and insert their expert thought about this movie. The movie is highly anticipated that Marvel should really do this. But not as expected this should be an “Avengers” story arc. Here what I thought initially why they did it under Cap.

Conspiracy – Captain America’s story arc in the movie is more of espionage and government concerns. Being accountable with the disaster every time they assemble is a large concern in global scale.

Winter Soldier – This is where the story evolves. Cap’s involvement with the winter soldier, his hope that Barnes will remember him as Steve Rogers.


The movie really focuses on major parts of Cap’s life and its theme from the start. To be have a more consistent approach, they put it in Cap’s story instead of Avengers’.

With that in mind, shall we go to the review?

Here are the bad parts:

Light representation to where Zemo is coming from: There is nothing in the world can surpass the sadness and loneliness losing your whole family in a major catastrophe. It’s just not presented in the movie as heavy as Whiplash losing everything because of Stark. It just affects me on how the actor delivered his final words with T’chala.


Recruitment Scenes: It’s just did not synched to my system why they need someone like Spider-man or to why Hawkeye joins Cap. It violates some of the character traits of the hero. They put it in a very very light note.

Cap’s Reaction when Stark learned about his Parents: This violate everything about Captain America. Stark’s reaction is just normal for someone that is looking for justice. Captain America is more like a Filipino to me when he reacted like that.

Those are the major parts of the movie that really disappoints me. What are the good parts then?

T’chala is King: This major bad ass really took the whole movie. He is the King enough said. One of the best parts that you need to see it in the movies.

Best Action Sequence: I noticed that every time an Avengers movie is shown, they always have this hero vs. hero scene and the sequence and the choreography of the fight scenes here are splendid.

Here Comes the Spider: It’s really not his entrance that made it. On how good Spiderman fighting together with the big boys.

Team Cap and The Big Ant Man: The humour and the coordination of Team Cap is the one that make me “woooooohhhWWW!” The timing the majestic fighting stance of Cap, the coordination of hawkeye and the ant-man. A lot of collaboration there with the ant-man.


Overall, the verdict is superb! Captain America: Civil War receives 4 star from me.

From what is here is not an expert opinion these are frustration of an old timer comic book reader and criticism of a fan. See for yourself you will enjoy it!

The Grey, the Green and the Red


I am really a sucker for Marvel, besides to the dynamic story line, the twist in every character they create in the Marvel Universe. It’s interesting to know how it all began, on how they build up their character in different episodes of the story.

Just like the pure strength brute hulk, if you would think of it, he is just super strong nothing fancy, just hardcore strength nothing else. How simple his powers it may seem but there is a lot of twist under that green skin of his. Actually there is a lot of discoloration happened with this guy. He has two variations of Grey and the normal Green (if that’s normal). Wondering who’s the Red? We will get to that.

Grey Hulk – He is the alternate of the green (obviously). In alternate future where Bruce Banner was not exposed to Gamma Radiation he was within a High Council of scientist where he was a weapons designer. However on that alternate future, Bruce wants to be a mutant so he sold himself to Mikhail Rasputin, one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse wherein he conducts experiments which turned him to a Grey Hulk.

Bruce Banner/ The Hulk

The Hulk – This is the normal hulk we see in the comics and even in movies. Banner was exposed to gamma radiation and became a mad green brute called hulk whenever he is under stress and circumstances that the other guy doesn’t want. Technically it is not due to gamma radiation why he became a Hulk, it is within Banner ever since. It just unleashed when he was radiated by gamma. There was a clue to this story, in the Marvel’s Avengers. This is when Tony and Bruce talking about what happened to Bruce, Tony is giving sentiment that with that amount of radiation Bruce could have been killed, but the Hulk saved him.

Who is the Red?

It is the Hulk busting general, Gen. Thunderbolt Ross. The one in the movie was Abomination a hired soldier assigned to eliminate the Hulk. In the TV series Ross wants the Hulk to be out of the way and claim the fame of a “good” Hulk but Captain America saved our Green Goliath friend when he discovered that Hulk became ravaged due to an implant in Bruce head. The creators of the character decide to keep the identity secret. Then it was revealed in the World War Hulk series that it was Thunderbolt Ross.

Now you know who are these Hulks are, the question where we will start reading?