Project Genesis: Project Status and Updates

It’s been quite a while when I launch the start of this project and it seems a lot of schedule changes outside my usual working hours for this project. And of course you do not want to hear those alibis.

Here are the updates so far:

Updated Enrollment Form: TSK0016 | RLS_V1_00000000001
I updated the fields in the enrollment form, I put a more essential set of fields.

Enrollment Form
Genesis: Enrollment Form

Though I only removed the Region field since nobody needs it anyway, I added several fields that can improved the quality of the information we get at first glance.

I added the guardian’s information and the mode of payment. The guardian’s information will be much helpful to determine who governs the child being enrolled. Also for security and notification if something goes wrong with the student. I added the mode of payment field as a drop down menu for easy selection. There are future plans here in connection in the usage of the space on the right of the screen. For now its a manual intervention but this is mainly to show the breakdown of payment as well on the right. This should be ready on the next patch of the development.

Configuration Maintenance: TSK0018 | TSK0019

This is yet to be released but these configuration screens are set of screens for values that are constantly changing every school year. One of which is the school year itself. I built the configuration maintenance of the school year itself to have an ID of the school year we are in. This will be connected to the payment configuration screen to have a school year id in every increase in tuition and also for reporting of the revenue of the school. This is yet to be released and still on testing.

For the next developments I am targeting to have the login ready and integrated with all of the inserts in the system.

So far that’s it with the status and updates, currently the development are still planning and documenting further the needed modules and functionalities next and hopefully the full design will be finished by May 2018.


Netbeans Will Fall In Line: Atom Now

From my last post, I aimed to try on Netbeans as my IDE, but it seems Atom caught my attention. The first impression was lightweight.


No drama, no extra effort in setting up. It’s like “where is your project folder? , Ok, can I open it for you?”. That simple. I no need to adjust to black background or set up the colors of the text it’s there already. On my launch, after I installed it, I thought it will have a shortcut after installation, the “used to” splash screen was also help me set up, the next time I launch the app.

Setting up GIT, so fast, I did not give the chance to document it. I think it’s already there.

I love the user interface very user friendly. You can put your codes side by side which is very helpful for me since my project is getting bigger and bigger. I like to see the end variable or the fields I put into a form that I need inĀ  $_POST calls.

I love they put on the effort of a few texts what does this panel do or what values you should put in here.

I think I would like to stay with atom for a while with my current project.

I Need To Let Go of Eclipse

Eclipse is a really powerful IDE for PHP but I need to let go this powerful tool. It was so powerful it overcome my machine. Maybe it’s misleading to tell that the real problem is that my unit is not powerful enough but yes it’s the sad truth, but in any case I will be biased of my unit.


At first installation I really felt the powerful prowess of Eclipse IDE at times there is a bit of a lag when you click an option at first. There are a lot of options to set up your environment and I thought I don’t need them as of the moment. I try to set up my snippets but it’s more of “fill-in-the-blanks” feature that you can trigger via shortcuts, I am uncomfortable of it a bit since all I need are HTML framework structure (title, body etc.) and some reusable codes that instead of copying and pasting it trigger it with a few keys.

Mainly the project is to be able to use the features of Eclipse in web development through the Project Genesis. I found it difficult to navigate and the learning curve is a steep one. So I will let go of Eclipse at the moment and will try Netbeans.