Blog Changes And More Changes

So it begin the change in the blog, as you can see the pages are temporarily taken out from their original position, but they will be back. It will be considered as work in progress.

So I will be working on something great in this blog. I will have categories to add games, entertainment and still something about incoming projects. I will also put some of the portfolios I will be doing. Some tech stuff will still be evident around the blog, it’s the foundation of all of this need to give it back.

I will reserve you all of the rumors on the MCU, it will be part of the entertainment section of the blog and some recent comic reviews and some relative information about some old comic book stuff.

Music will be optional, though I am not closing the possibility of having some music bits here there are a lot of going on the blog while I am still working on the design of the Genesis Project, so stay tuned!


Genesis Project: Ready Day One

Today is the day I set the foundation of the project. I prepared a more detailed tracker. As you (if there is someone out there) all know I am the only one working on this project so I need to be detailed as possible. Maybe this would drag the project more longer but I will benefit to it later on the project.

Prepare The Tracker – I created a new tracker that would depict most of the technical details on the project. Focusing on the database instances, table specifications and all value mapping. On the table values I normally struggle I put a lot of codes and abbreviations maintainable in the database yet in the middle of the project I forgot what it is for.

Time Gem
Time Gem

Hours Spent – I need to maintain the hours spent as well instead of unrealistic estimations on how long I spent in the project. To measure the duration as well.



Genesis Project: Need Some Solid Documentation

I was supposed to have my next post next week but it seems ideas barging me today so here it is. The development of the Genesis Project is halted for quite sometime now, there have been changes in the initial framework. The framework is not thoroughly documented and was tagged only as simple (as possible) but it seems the project get to complicated in the middle. Being said, now there are parts of the project that were, unfortunately, puts me in a dead end.

Since recent interests puts me into project management, we will set this activity into a an action, a solid action plan to finish what we have started. So I would start documenting what is the project all about and what and what’s not included in the first phase of the project. So back to square one, I guess. Let’s put minimal features at first then on to the next.