Operation Clean Slate: I Did Not Know Windows Has A Reset Button


Yes, I just recently reset my laptop. If in life I could have that? And in only one particular aspect I can reset it. And I thought my wife is a complicated woman yet here I am.

Before you move on to the next website you want to visit, this is not about life. So I just pressed that “reset” button and it’s really liberating letting go your files, well, not all of them, I backed them up but the your overflowing Downloads folder and your junky Documents folder, finally they are free.

I even tweet that damn, reset button! And forgot to backed up my bookmarks and I am like Thanos to harvest them all again. Also my MySQL databases it was all wiped out, good thing it was documented.

The Reset feature of windows 10 is really a harmless button. Specially to those who bought their laptop with pre-installed Windows 10 Operating System (OS). Details are not that helpful, I was asleep through the whole process. It just came to the point that it needs a few details and it needs you to link it to your Microsoft Account. The process was easy, the hassle are the updates, it will catch up all of the updates, so you need to restart from time to time, especially on small patches.

It will be around 6 – 8 hours reset process so make sure the laptop is plugged. The reset button is safe if you are worrying that you lost your key or something, it did not asked me for some key or call a customer service representative to assists just a few setup questions and that’s it, your laptop is good as new.


geneSIS Project: Weapon of Choice?

You already have the database, and so how will you execute it?

For geneSIS project we will be going with PHP. The plan is to have it as simple coding as possible for learning reference only.

Though the project will be not as small as we initially think it is, we will learn a lot on building the system. The project will run in PHP MysQL and APACHE via XAMPP. It is a all in one installer from Bitnami.

The target is for the beginners needs some inspiration to start web development. I am excited as a beginner that hungers for new experience.

I already built the database but it will evolve eventually as we go along with the project. The database consists of 5 tables. Four tables for admin parts, and 1 for inquiry.

The inquiry table is more of the potential enrollees or students in the school. The other four is for the schedule, level and of course for the teachers, the other one is for the relationship of the three.

Fireworks is Dead: The Alternatives


I am a fireworks user ever since I start designing website. This was introduced by a friend and the learning curve is really fast so that’s the start of our journey in web designing.

Now Fireworks is dead, moving on to learn a new web designing software. Well there are a lot of options to choose from I just need to have that first step to learn it.

Photoshop: I know how to use this untamed beast, but thelearning curve here is very steep. The interesting part is that, making web layouts out of photoshop is the industry’s standard. No effort will be wasted if you want to learn this application.

Before Photoshop is basically for layout for print, whether it is for normal size papers to large format canvasses. Then eventually they used this to layout websites like they used today. While in Macromedia before, Fireworks was for their web and mock up creations software and Macromedia Flash make the web interfaces alive.

Adobe Illustrator was one of the soft wares that are used vectors as their main objects. Illustrator can make a raster image vectorized. Its output can be described as comic in nature since it came from basic shapes and composite shapes that create a brand new object or character.

Illustrator will definitely worth the try since knowledge of this software is a second in demand in the industry. Well it would require a lot of experience, talent and imagination to compose a character or a logo with this tool.

If you are choosing also the perfect software for your needs, the above are some recommendations. Next I will research for softwares and web applications that would also falls in this category.

Good luck to your first layout.