A New Freelance Project: Static Website for Japanese Language School

Web Design

There is no harm having a few projects here and there outside your “day job”. As for my latest update in work, growth is not going so well. So I accepted the project just to gain a few portfolios if ever I step out of office, well literally leave the company. But that’s another blog post.

We acquire this property back in October, and (yeah it is another blog post) the developer of the land where our property sits has a lot of business and one of them is this Japanese language school. It just so happen I overheard while they are discussing to have a website so I got interested on the project. Then they ask me a whole package of logos, fliers and website.

They requested first of the logo, they do not want to change the “feel” of the “mother” logo they just want to have a different color and reflects the location of their school, which is Antipolo, Rizal. So I researched and Tipulo tree where the place got its name. I incorporate the tree with the original logo changed to a  more “lucky” color scheme and voila! Their logo got rebirthed.

Then for the fliers, the original flier got a lot of Japanese characters which I am not sure what it means, so I dropped that on my design. Instead of putting the cherry blossom I put the Tipulo tree instead. Maximized the space of the flier without ruining the spacing between the information. I give each of the elements breathing space so that the information on that flier would be understandable and informative.

Then the website, I have it simple but organized, unlike the other satellite websites of the school, ours is a bit more organized and we separated that this is a website and not the flier. So they can recognize the corporate feel and sincerity of the school. I use HTML5 and used UIKIT for its gallery. Not really optimized for SEO but that will be the next steps.

If you are around Antipolo Rizal in the Philippines, and looking for a genuine Japanese Language school in the area, then come and see Sage Asian Language and Educational Center. They are not just a language school, they also teach the Japanese customs and culture so you will not be on a culture shock if ever you have an opportunity to go there.

One Boring Saturday Night : Moses, A Travel Site

SpideyThe past weeks has been a struggle. Struggle creatively, writing and practically designing. Today was really boring, I am just tired of everything I can’t even play with my kids (well I tried and we are okay). Then creativity strikes, I recalled this post regarding “stealing your way to original designs” (Go read it it’s a good read). It says there the first step is to “Imitate”.
It given me the boost that I need (just a little push) for today. Got into my laptop, and start searching for the font that would start it all.

I started with the font I have no motif in mind just the first font that would struck my attention. Then I found Candle Mustard. Still I am not thinking of any style or theme for the website, I went to instagram. There’s this account about web design that I followed for a few weeks already (since last week I am looking for inspiration). Seeing some design from DailyWebDesign got an idea to create something out of the font and the idea of imitation. Well I failed in imitating, since I have goal to start everything from scratch with just one font.

It’s like a EUREKA moment!

I did call it sagwan.ph (if there is a real website with that name it’s just a coincidence). But let’s call the design Moses since he is the only one I recalled in the bible that traveled a lot.

So I pretty much imitate most of the parts, except the original designer used sans-serif fonts, well I combined sans-serif for long texts and the featured font for the “titles”.

I failed imitating but it was effective. No thinking required, you will just follow as much detail as you can. Image courtesy of PicJumbo

Let me know what do you think of Moses now?

Any Software Started With A Logo

hawkeyeAfter months of complete dormancy I was able to got out of my cave. So I started this Genesis thing last year and it was on and off development for me, but I was able to pull it off but with minimal design. Now I scrapped down the initial features of version 1 and tried to improved with version 2. Well you don’t develop softwares just degrade of course it has some enhancements.

Project Genesis
Project Genesis

The title of the post says it all, this is the start of version 2 of the Project Genesis. I just put up a simple logo just to initialize the development. Logos give you the feeling of what the project is about and should stand all through out the development.

I given it a simple design, with just shapes and chosen some few good fonts like Giraffey. The logo that I am aiming is to have a corporate feel to it, so I used shades of blue to it. I created a striking rounded rectangle with grey gradient to add up an accent to an “ascending” or laddered level just like in schools.

As I said on previous posts this is a comeback project and like from the beginning, it was Genesis.
I will be posting a lot of the development more often now again to document everything.

This will be the start of the version 2 and hoping for the next months I could pull off something large in terms of the development and also I will be using a more localized platform Dreamweaver 6 and TortoiseSVN/Subversion for versioning.

Hope to hear from you in the comments!