Any Software Started With A Logo

hawkeyeAfter months of complete dormancy I was able to got out of my cave. So I started this Genesis thing last year and it was on and off development for me, but I was able to pull it off but with minimal design. Now I scrapped down the initial features of version 1 and tried to improved with version 2. Well you don’t develop softwares just degrade of course it has some enhancements.

Project Genesis
Project Genesis

The title of the post says it all, this is the start of version 2 of the Project Genesis. I just put up a simple logo just to initialize the development. Logos give you the feeling of what the project is about and should stand all through out the development.

I given it a simple design, with just shapes and chosen some few good fonts like Giraffey. The logo that I am aiming is to have a corporate feel to it, so I used shades of blue to it. I created a striking rounded rectangle with grey gradient to add up an accent to an “ascending” or laddered level just like in schools.

As I said on previous posts this is a comeback project and like from the beginning, it was Genesis.
I will be posting a lot of the development more often now again to document everything.

This will be the start of the version 2 and hoping for the next months I could pull off something large in terms of the development and also I will be using a more localized platform Dreamweaver 6 and TortoiseSVN/Subversion for versioning.

Hope to hear from you in the comments!


Web Design Heroes: Craig Erskine

Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Fireworks

I’ve been in the web design industry for almost 6 years including in the years in college that my designs are really crappy and when Fireworks is still in Macromedia. The years past, even I tried to let go of the mouse for Fireworks and go with the flow in Photoshop, still first love never dies. Though now I work on Photoshop on printed materials but still when the going gets tough Fireworks still accepts me with open arms. Even the road to web design is a bit bumpy and the standards of the world still points to Photoshop, I still have heroes of my own that creates a lot of amazing things with Fireworks, FW is not dead, she still breathes through her nostrils.
A lot of Photoshop fan boys were putting stake on Fireworks but there are Paladins ready to defend its queen. Fireworks Evangelist, Craig Erskine. I am using his CSS menu for years, flexible easy to customize and just plain-simple-in-your-face-no-brainer-css-menu (though it’s tough at first glance.). He is an author of a book about Fw, and still uses his amazing hands to create wonderful web designs through Fw. He designs a lot of his work in Fw and still he does not slip that grip and uses the tool until now.
The simplicity on his works is really brilliant and really maximize the power of Fw. The power of Fw is under really on the background, maybe all of its capabilities are quite similar to Photoshop but the lightness and simplicity of learning curve is really the selling point in Fw. The easy interface and tools really maximize the design flow, you will think of the design and not figuring out on how you can emulsify the aesthetic of a website design.
I really wish I could work with this guys, even if for a exhibition designing. Whether it is for a company or just a gala of web designs, which ever I am more than willing, Fireworks Hero – Craig Erskine.

Comparisons of Apples, Bananas and Oranges

Searching around the internet I usually find some face-offs and bouts against applications. There are we called browser wars, wherein browsers are competing for who’s the safest and the fastest of them all and reviews against the major office tools around. Well it’s the web competition are through social media where all web savvy are invited and gathered to decide who’s hot and who’s not? The most intriguing and a lot of eye-brows-lifting incidents are happening is the competition to who’s the better Adobe Application? The Contenders are? Photoshop (applause), Illustrator (applause) and Fireworks (applause).

There are many bouts and face offs are blogged and conducted, to create a scenario that if these 3 are used which outputs better? I am not blogging about comparing the three, so let us see what these titans all about are.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop – the complete suite, it’s for print and web. Basically it over rules the work of Fireworks which is also made for web, but I will discuss this dude later. It is used as a photo manipulation tool, it can distort, heal or restore all kinds of photos and now you can even use it to produce 3d output. It has a large array of tools to choose from. Destroyed photos, photoshop can fix it in no time, Web layout Photoshop is your man or creating tarp banners or fliers? Photoshop is the tool for you!

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator – the Champion Vectorizer, you want a crisp cartoon of your image? Illustrator is the answer, this magnificent tool is for large format printing, since its vector regardless of the size it can be viewed without pixelizing.

Vector vs. Rasterized Image

Graphically speaking, a vector pertains to a shape made up of points and lines. A vector can be seen close up without sacrificing the quality. When you see a caricature made up of vector in a 250 x 250 canvass when you resize it to 750 x 750 it will stay the same since it is just a shape a 250 x 250 square will be the same square in a 750 x 750 canvass. An rasterized image is a photo made up of colors, you just can’t go on with 250 x 250 photo to explode it in a 1250 x 1250 canvass for printing in a photo paper, it will be blurred.

Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Fireworks

Fireworks – the King Prototyper, the jack of all trades master to none. Why Jack of All trades? Fireworks is a web layout prototype, it is really made for creating web layouts since a web layout can be composed of a photo, Fireworks has some tools to edit a photo. You can fade its side, you can transform change it to sepia tone, adjust its brightness and color hues. It has the capabilities of Photoshop and Illustrator minus the printing. There is a print option but, you can’t use Fireworks for large format printing. It has a canvass size limitation of 6000 x 6000 pixels maximum.

The three have a different use and it cannot be compared to other suites. It’s like a comparison of apples, bananas and oranges all have nutrients but have different importance to once health. Besides they all in one big happy family in Adobe, so let us not heightened the sibling rivalry. The comparison should be coming from Corel, Blender or any open-source software out there.

The three is merely a tool for anyone who does in web or print and learning the uses of these three does not guarantee you success in web. Be wise to choose the tools you will use, there is the right tool for the job.