Genesis Project: Ready Day One

Today is the day I set the foundation of the project. I prepared a more detailed tracker. As you (if there is someone out there) all know I am the only one working on this project so I need to be detailed as possible. Maybe this would drag the project more longer but I will benefit to it later on the project.

Prepare The Tracker – I created a new tracker that would depict most of the technical details on the project. Focusing on the database instances, table specifications and all value mapping. On the table values I normally struggle I put a lot of codes and abbreviations maintainable in the database yet in the middle of the project I forgot what it is for.

Time Gem
Time Gem

Hours Spent – I need to maintain the hours spent as well instead of unrealistic estimations on how long I spent in the project. To measure the duration as well.




Genesis Project: Need Some Solid Documentation

I was supposed to have my next post next week but it seems ideas barging me today so here it is. The development of the Genesis Project is halted for quite sometime now, there have been changes in the initial framework. The framework is not thoroughly documented and was tagged only as simple (as possible) but it seems the project get to complicated in the middle. Being said, now there are parts of the project that were, unfortunately, puts me in a dead end.

Since recent interests puts me into project management, we will set this activity into a an action, a solid action plan to finish what we have started. So I would start documenting what is the project all about and what and what’s not included in the first phase of the project. So back to square one, I guess. Let’s put minimal features at first then on to the next.

Project Genesis: Project Status and Updates

It’s been quite a while when I launch the start of this project and it seems a lot of schedule changes outside my usual working hours for this project. And of course you do not want to hear those alibis.

Here are the updates so far:

Updated Enrollment Form: TSK0016 | RLS_V1_00000000001
I updated the fields in the enrollment form, I put a more essential set of fields.

Enrollment Form
Genesis: Enrollment Form

Though I only removed the Region field since nobody needs it anyway, I added several fields that can improved the quality of the information we get at first glance.

I added the guardian’s information and the mode of payment. The guardian’s information will be much helpful to determine who governs the child being enrolled. Also for security and notification if something goes wrong with the student. I added the mode of payment field as a drop down menu for easy selection. There are future plans here in connection in the usage of the space on the right of the screen. For now its a manual intervention but this is mainly to show the breakdown of payment as well on the right. This should be ready on the next patch of the development.

Configuration Maintenance: TSK0018 | TSK0019

This is yet to be released but these configuration screens are set of screens for values that are constantly changing every school year. One of which is the school year itself. I built the configuration maintenance of the school year itself to have an ID of the school year we are in. This will be connected to the payment configuration screen to have a school year id in every increase in tuition and also for reporting of the revenue of the school. This is yet to be released and still on testing.

For the next developments I am targeting to have the login ready and integrated with all of the inserts in the system.

So far that’s it with the status and updates, currently the development are still planning and documenting further the needed modules and functionalities next and hopefully the full design will be finished by May 2018.