What Does The Avengers and Project Management Have In Common

You did not see that coming?

How come a group of remarkable people come together and work as one and fight the battles we can never fought and how does project management fits in the picture?

Iron Man
I have a plan…. Attack

What does The Avengers teach us about Project Management? You hear from the man himself, you need a plan to attack. In Project Management, we need a plan on how we can deliver the service our clients wants, we need strategy and this is what is The Avenger is good at, strategy.

Agent Coulson
They need is a little push

And by all means, we all need is just one more push. We need a push to get it started of course. Without that inspiration a good project will never reach its destination. We also need everyone’s attention and involvement so we are flowing of ideas all the time. It’s your oar moving towards the destination. The project ideas still needs to be flowing all the time and not stucked. You will get yourself in the middle of the ocean if you the team is not involved. Lastly but never the least, towards your journey you need to leave something behind. A breadcrumb, a sign or what we call documentation.


When the project came to a deadlock you need to log it to have continuity when you came back tomorrow. In the middle of a project you will see a lot of codes and a lot of ids and in the middle of the development, you will always ask, “what does this code for?” and you do not want that.

Recap 4 things The Avengers and Project Management in common, both have plans, like for an organic team of individuals and for the functions of different sorts you need to plan it. A push or an inspiration, well, it’s self explanatory. Involvement of every team member, even Black Widow has contribution among the super powers of his team mates. Even how stupid an idea is, you can still get something out of it. Lastly but I think this has a real weight in production, you need to document everything, so looking back will be just a piece of cake.

This what happens to my Project Genesis well it lacks enough documentation, which I will patch things up. I am thankful the prototype will be ready on the next weeks.


All I Need Is Just A New System To Work On

Recently I felt like I am excited with Web Design again. It is my first love, what can I say? I am not really sure where this is all coming from, but ever since I got used to the work I have on my previous team, and I am really wanted a change, I getting hooked again with User Experience. I love my team before, I guess the excitement in the new team escalates when the understanding meets with expectations.

The position is close to the previous team but different offering. It is a whole new system that connects all system that wants to connect any other system. It is an integration team that monitors that comes in or out in other systems.

Why it is so special? It works not just an OOP kind of environment but an MVC kind of environment. This system. it’s functionality, user interface it all brings me to where I began in this industry 9 years ago. So I am pretty much excited with the new technology I am in now, love the team, they are not strangers to me. I just got to move on and shake all of my worries behind. I know I can grow with this new team.