Acceptance is The Key: Key to More Possibilities

Like they say, “New Year, New Beginnings” or the old “New Year, New Me” popular in Social Medias. Like the response on the latter, “who were you last year?” or “old crap, different year”. The question is, why you need the “new you” than the person who you truly are? Maybe I misunderstood the person saying “New Year, New Me”, maybe he or she really improving him or herself on the past year and the changes would bloom on the coming year. Nevertheless, we should not let go who we are to the trend of the world.

Accepting really is a difficult thing to swallow. Sometimes, we do not like the “me” in us or maybe we are focused on the things that are ugly in us that is why the goods are always overshadowed and we never thought that good things are already there. It’s hard to focus on the good in us that were pre judged when we are a kid. How come, something good is judged as “not good”? Well let’s just say we listen too much on what other people say to us than really evaluate it first to ourselves that  we have potential. Sometimes people really like ruining other people lives because they are jealous, they are trash talkers just ruining your game, downgrading your morale. Keep calm, ignore and move on. Search on friends or to a community that really knows about what are good and bad in you, focus on strengthening the good and improving further your weaknesses.

Having a group people that understands your strengths will guide you further as you progress and the journey to wherever you wanted to go will not be as bad as it sound. People that will put you down will always be there sniffing your reputation and all, but don’t be afraid, there’s a lot more of them when you get to top.

Acceptance is much harder to accept if you did not see its potential first. Even how ridiculous or ugly the real “me” It is all that you have. Embracing the real you will open a lot of opportunities if you learn to harness the strength, believing on it and loving it. No one can love you better than yourself.

All I Need Is Just A New System To Work On

Recently I felt like I am excited with Web Design again. It is my first love, what can I say? I am not really sure where this is all coming from, but ever since I got used to the work I have on my previous team, and I am really wanted a change, I getting hooked again with User Experience. I love my team before, I guess the excitement in the new team escalates when the understanding meets with expectations.

The position is close to the previous team but different offering. It is a whole new system that connects all system that wants to connect any other system. It is an integration team that monitors that comes in or out in other systems.

Why it is so special? It works not just an OOP kind of environment but an MVC kind of environment. This system. it’s functionality, user interface it all brings me to where I began in this industry 9 years ago. So I am pretty much excited with the new technology I am in now, love the team, they are not strangers to me. I just got to move on and shake all of my worries behind. I know I can grow with this new team.

A Month of Absence

I think it is more than a month from my last post. This is really not good. When I am not in front of the computer I have a lot of thoughts in mind on what is happening in the country or even what was my opinion when Trump wins presidency. A lot of things are coming down when I am commuting to reach the office on time. Why do I need to blog anyway? I don’t need this crazy hobby writing, what is going down? I love to write, but words don’t like me. I can not find the words or right words or even the right topic to write to. It is a real mess around my head.

What am I doing if I am not writing? A lot of my time involves resting. Yes, I rest. When I am not resting I am doing house chores and yes, I do house chores. The rest all consists of playing and working. I have a lot of comics to read and yet, I still can’t find time.

I think this is already the fourth year that I wanted to organize myself — or maybe fifth year. Yet I am still on square one. I need some wisdom on how to do this management thing, I will try this again.