The Project geneSIS: Update

From the past weeks, I am writing about geneSIS, that will be the title of our web application. So for someone out there, if there is someone, that is reading this, I am starting a new project that is called geneSIS. It is a School Information system that will take care of the needs of the school administration and for both students and teachers.

As I was saying on the previous post, that this is my first project back in college but was unsatisfied on how it was built. This system that I will build, is a charity effort and for those students that are interested to use it as a reference for learning. This will be built in PHP and MySQL as the database, HTML5 as the framework and a few javascripts. It will be a beginner package, free for everyone to download if I will be able to pull it off (haha). But I will pull it off.

In this blog, I will have my insights on the project creation, but most of the development details will be logged in the fullstacker blog in wordpress, yes I have multiple blogs.

The purpose of this entry, is the preparation of the system. We need to answer the questions now so it will serve as a guide what will be our expectation of the system and what will not be in the system.

As described previously, we will have a website part and an administration part. The website part will be the face of the school and entry points of two entities. New Comers/Transferees and the login of the students of the school to view and maybe to log if possible (this is needs to be discussed further). Basically, this is the part where in we will offer something, marketing part. Administration side will be the admins / teachers this is where all complicated stuff gets in. Enrollment will be a big part of it, since there will be no student information to process if there are no students. Online forms will also be a part of it and the subject schedules. Since I am a Filipino and I support the K12 program of the government I will incorporate the design of the subjects based on these information in K12. Sounds fun? Not really, it is really tough to build a system that has no critic, I am no expert on this, though I already have a lot of experience in web development I still not consider myself as an expert so I need your expert thoughts on this when I begin to build it.

I need you to have some comments on this, please watch out the first entries on fullstacker in WordPress for more info on the engagement we need from the audience.

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The Genesis Project: Student Information System

This is a popular project among college students, well for at least in my generation. I have a bit of knowledge that the projects or thesis now, are a bit complicated and has some modules that would require of mobile integration. The student information system is my very first project that require me to have programming logic. I am still learning the ropes back then so the simple information system took me 6 months to build, the challenge is to build an information system as a web application within 2 – 3 months max.


The Study

From the timeline set, which is for me a generous one, the information system to be built has 3 main parts.


  1. The Admin –  It will be the main stage of the project. The main control for all transactions for both school administrators and teachers.
  2. The Frontend – This will be the face of our system, where in the students can view all the information about them. I haven’t set anything yet and this module will expand as we go.
  3. Inquiry Module – This is the part where in the people not within the organization can access. This is some sort of the website part of the project. The website is not literally the frontend, since the frontend is planned to be implemented within the organization’s network.


These 3 concepts of the projects are in the initial phase as I am creating this post. The initial flow is already created that will serve as guide of the project.



What will be out end goal here? To create an information system that will help both teachers and students blah blah blah…. You don’t think I will go with that kind of documentation shinanigans do you? I have been on the sidelines for a long time it is time to take it back. To be with web development again and this is just a first step.



The target is to finish a working Student Information System in 8 weeks but I am giving myself an allowance of another 4 weeks.


The timer will start next week, everything wil be documented here and in my fullstacker blog which is pretty bare at the moment if you would try to visit it. The link for the release notes for others to have reference with, will be released soon but I am planning to put it up in blogger.


Stay Tuned! Happy Coding Everyone!


A Blog Review: The Life So Far

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” – Steve Jobs

Okay I get it already, nobody wants to read something that would have a negative effect on them or make them uninspired. I reviewed my blog and there are a lot of posts that were not really meant to be there. Let’s say even you have a personal blog, leave something about yourself the world don’t know. Still, be mysterious. I will no longer elaborate on that one.

Exciting Times!

Here we go again, a lot of times (many, many times) I will say here that I will reformat the blog, blah blah, and there are a lot of factors why this is not happening and yet another alibi. So in the last couple of weeks that I am not telling here, I started joining contests and I posts some of my work in twitter and linkedin just to showcase the hobby that was lost (my profession before). I also post that I started creating again, logos and web design stuff, so I will continue documenting it. The only thing left to do is commit into it. I already have what I need (like the song says) right in front of me.

Expect a more exciting posts ahead about the latest progress of the project called Genesis. Well… why Genesis? It is a new beginning for me and my last chance like the quote says, if today is your last day, what will you do?


Cheers for better content!