I am A Proud Blogger

Well recently I enrolled in the blogging university of WordPress. Yes and I am excited. Though recent events prevent me from doing the tasks. It was a 7 days straight no new update on the music blogged I put up for the blogging university. My music blog should be focusing more on OPM and the Philippine music scene, my recent posts is more like of talking on the personal thoughts.

I need to make it up a few posts and review on the daily tasks to catch up. Hell, I need this to improve my blogging skills.

My other web dev blog is still in progress, but until I wrote something up, I will update here as well.


Recently Asked Question: What Else Is There To Blog About?

I recently read about, what happens to SEO when you stop blogging and it does really cut the potential organic hits in your blog, when you just suddenly stop blogging for a long time then come back.

Though I am not a pro blogger, I still wonder what if my blog really produce leads or have something valuable and has a great impact to the niche I am in to. I also wonder what if I have real audience that really reads my blog besides myself or my wife or my friend (1 friend). Then I wonder what else is there to blog about? There are a lot of interesting topics in this post, but it doesn’t really interest me much.

So what are my interest? Are there people like me that has same interest?

Digging to Pop Culture is a gold mine. With these series, marvel movies, DCs, a lot of Batman, Taylor Swift or just plain music would really give you an audience. The downside since you are not alone the market for these topics are really saturated and a lot of big blogs out there already sit on the top spot. That you think, walking along this path would be just a walk in the park.

For my personal blog I just need to boost it up a notch. So I will walk through this since I am not earning anything just to rant about something in my blog. My interest is really important I would target a specific topic once I get use to writing again.

Reformatting Blog: Back to Dev again


I’ve been to the IT business consulting for quite some time and I wish to have learned this lot earlier than today. I will reformat the concept of the blog again. I will be introducing web development again. I have a new role in my new company and I miss creating applications from scratch, designing it from scratch and this is to try myself again in HTML and being novice again.

I love being a beginner

Being a beginner is to be hungry with knowledge again and starting with the basics again (to be refreshed). Being a beginner even if you have years of experience is very liberating. It’s not that you don’t know anything from the field it’s just the interest of being a beginner, that’s what I want to practice.

It is not easy being me

I have a lot of roles and I wanted to be still attached to the industry that given me the opportunity to a lot of things. I will be creating posts related to PHP development and framework development.

I want to use CakePHP

I am not lucky in using Codeigniter but still I want to try something new to me. I heard a lot of CakePHP but not really into working on it and now is the time.


I am also interested with another fear of me javascript. Trying this new javascript framework would really boosts me a lot of interest of developing again.

I hope this would materialize early quarter of this year while I build the new site, I will be residing temporarily on my eneza blog. Well I will be looking forward to have the new blog in the new site.

Let’s get to work!