Plan To Re-Format Blog: Topic Choices


I am thinking to reformat blog this coming New Year and I am having second thoughts of what is there to blog? Or maybe will I commit on blogging?

To have a new or not to have a new blog is really the question, will I continue this eneza blogging project which really started to express what highlights my life today, realizing that my life is not that interesting after all well for some other people.

Maintaining a blog is like my relationship to my wife, it’s like me having talks with her, losing that would only mean a loss of communication in my end. It is really reality check to me, what is happening already not updating for a long time is really disturbing already.

Top Topic Choices

Dev Blog : I miss my developer days where I create new things with codes. I like to hold on that and be refreshed if I am obliged to create a posts 3 -5 times a week (hopefully).

Photo Blog: This is the one the whole family missed, the picture taking. The family usually is prepared to all sorts of candid shots, so since a new girl is coming maybe I can share some pictures of the family.

Comics Blog :Even if there are a lot of comic fans out there what the hell? I will post at least highlights in the marvel world, especially movies I love Marvel movies.

Well I love also drawing Marvel superheroes creating a blog of it will also be a choice or a games blog but I am not updated with games.

These are just choices, hope to decide which is which.


I Got Domain : The Keyword Research


This is the first step which I should not miss, I already got a domain for the family, and it’s called I purchased it last year but I just recently explored it and upload some CMS to start with. I am looking into monetizing it immediately but I should focus on what could be the content of the blog. Well before your blog become popular, the reader should have a reason to go back for some more.

It is hard really to start the content without a main topic which you will be consistently tackled along in a blog.

This is the toughest part for me since I have no experience in targeting keywords or drill down to a more specific topic. Since it is a family website, I would target a family related topic so that people that look for answers about family needs I can serve it on my blog.


It is stated in SEOMOZ Beginner’s Guide To SEO “It is not about getting your visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors”.

So I probably stick on the family related keywords… But first I will get the website up by now.

Technically I Already Have 200

Sebastian Shaw

Well after I pledged 200 post this year well I still need to have 111 post to reach that goal and I am just a month away from being a failure.

Technically I have 200 post in total in my blog, this is the 201st  post! It’s not much of an accomplishment but it has value. Though I have an average of 20 visitors per day, it doesn’t matter, to what I am posting in this blog is real and most especially it’s all me!

According to the statistics

I have an average of 5 posts per month there are highs and lows all over the year but the least is 5 per month. So I am a very (lazy) weekly blogger I might say. I am not much a talker really with all the time management I am just busy with the family and a blog post will just took more time of my play time with my kid.

Not Giving Up!

Though I am a terrible poster I am not giving up! I will still make the pledge next year! I hope will accomplish it this time. I want to participate more on the everyday blog post event in any way I can I want to be involved on my family more and blog about it more! I want to document every moment and so when I look back every blog post looks back at me!

I want to build 1 more blog!

I want to build 1 more blog, and I want it to be pictures of life and family! I want everyday next year will be special; I want the best for my family! But I need to work hard for it, I need to sweat on it and make it a routine that would become a habit!

Blogging for me is an activity would bring me back to earth. It is something that I would die doing, maybe I would still design most of my life, maybe I will be creating a lot of apps in the future and throughout my life but I would die writing every moment in my life. Whether it is not worth writing or a rocking experience that would inspire other people, I wouldn’t care,  I will just write it.

Happy Blogging!