Avengers Infinity War Trailer: And It’s Very Exciting

The newest trailer of Avengers is out! And it is amazing and very exciting. I think a review is no longer necessary since viewing it alone says it all. This blog will be just part of my theory of what will happen in the Infinity War.

I will let the rest to the experts but I only have 3 points here so here it is

Black Order
Black Order

Expect the Black Order – The Black Order is the group created by Thanos to raze worlds. What will be their role in this movie? For this movie the main purpose of The Black Order is to collect the Infinity Stones for Thanos.

Corvus Glaive
Corvus Glaive

Notice on the first trailer that there is someone getting the stone from Vision. The signature staff of Corvus Glaive can be seen in the first trailer. Also there is also this scene where in the spear of Proxima Midnight is striking into the darkness.

Ebony Maw
Ebony Maw

And we have Ebony Maw, not a fighter but a real strategist for the Mad Titan. We can see in the second trailer he held the sorcerer supreme, Dr. Strange.

Ebony Maw vs. Dr. Strange – In the trailer we can see that Ebony Maw captured the Sorcerer Supreme. Will MCU follow what is in the comics?

Which concludes on the last theory, is Thane be in the movie?

Thanos vs. Thane – In Marvel Comics the purpose of Ebony Maw capturing Dr. Strange is to locate, Thane, the son of Thanos. But in the trailer we can see that Thanos held hands with an alien kid, is this Thane?

Thanos with a kid
Thanos with a kid

Who is this kid?

The answer to that is yet to find out. Like I said I am no expert, I leave it to the big guys in reddit.

Avengers Infinity War will be on screens April 2018

Recently Asked Question: What Else Is There To Blog About?

I recently read about, what happens to SEO when you stop blogging and it does really cut the potential organic hits in your blog, when you just suddenly stop blogging for a long time then come back.

Though I am not a pro blogger, I still wonder what if my blog really produce leads or have something valuable and has a great impact to the niche I am in to. I also wonder what if I have real audience that really reads my blog besides myself or my wife or my friend (1 friend). Then I wonder what else is there to blog about? There are a lot of interesting topics in this post, but it doesn’t really interest me much.

So what are my interest? Are there people like me that has same interest?

Digging to Pop Culture is a gold mine. With these series, marvel movies, DCs, a lot of Batman, Taylor Swift or just plain music would really give you an audience. The downside since you are not alone the market for these topics are really saturated and a lot of big blogs out there already sit on the top spot. That you think, walking along this path would be just a walk in the park.

For my personal blog I just need to boost it up a notch. So I will walk through this since I am not earning anything just to rant about something in my blog. My interest is really important I would target a specific topic once I get use to writing again.

The Grey, the Green and the Red


I am really a sucker for Marvel, besides to the dynamic story line, the twist in every character they create in the Marvel Universe. It’s interesting to know how it all began, on how they build up their character in different episodes of the story.

Just like the pure strength brute hulk, if you would think of it, he is just super strong nothing fancy, just hardcore strength nothing else. How simple his powers it may seem but there is a lot of twist under that green skin of his. Actually there is a lot of discoloration happened with this guy. He has two variations of Grey and the normal Green (if that’s normal). Wondering who’s the Red? We will get to that.

Grey Hulk – He is the alternate of the green (obviously). In alternate future where Bruce Banner was not exposed to Gamma Radiation he was within a High Council of scientist where he was a weapons designer. However on that alternate future, Bruce wants to be a mutant so he sold himself to Mikhail Rasputin, one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse wherein he conducts experiments which turned him to a Grey Hulk.

Bruce Banner/ The Hulk

The Hulk – This is the normal hulk we see in the comics and even in movies. Banner was exposed to gamma radiation and became a mad green brute called hulk whenever he is under stress and circumstances that the other guy doesn’t want. Technically it is not due to gamma radiation why he became a Hulk, it is within Banner ever since. It just unleashed when he was radiated by gamma. There was a clue to this story, in the Marvel’s Avengers. This is when Tony and Bruce talking about what happened to Bruce, Tony is giving sentiment that with that amount of radiation Bruce could have been killed, but the Hulk saved him.

Who is the Red?

It is the Hulk busting general, Gen. Thunderbolt Ross. The one in the movie was Abomination a hired soldier assigned to eliminate the Hulk. In the TV series Ross wants the Hulk to be out of the way and claim the fame of a “good” Hulk but Captain America saved our Green Goliath friend when he discovered that Hulk became ravaged due to an implant in Bruce head. The creators of the character decide to keep the identity secret. Then it was revealed in the World War Hulk series that it was Thunderbolt Ross.

Now you know who are these Hulks are, the question where we will start reading?