Project geneSIS: The Backend

What to design first? Yes, you read it right, I will be starting to design the admin panel first so the workflow will be the backend first before the frontend, which includes the inquiry forms and login for the students. Why backend to frontend? The reason behind is that the backend will all have the information needed in the frontend. The static pages for the frontend will be less headache than the information or data flow we need in the backend.

The Backend

We will going to have a login for the administrators (school principals, director) and for the department heads and teachers. If you would picture a school set up this will be a medium size private organization. Basically the teachers can input grades for that day then the initial average will be computed but still the whole grading sheet will be subject for revision so it will have an open status until the teacher will finalize it for that quarter. The administrators can arrange schedules and assign teachers for a grade level. They can also adjust percentages for the composition of the final grades and fees needed per grade level.

The Administrator panel should have the controls to adjust or approve any pending items needed for school management.

The set-up should be minimal but rich with process that will be needed for learning experience. Having this set-up this should cover the school management needs.

Let’s start designing then.


Design and Functionality: The Struggle is Real


If you are a fullstack developer there will be times that you are inspired to work on design but in the long run the functionality sometimes suffers or could be vice versa. There are also times that the design itself has lack of space for a required functionality small details sometimes would be a big challenge.

In my current situation as a support, you will have a little voice in the whole process of improvement of the software. Especially in international companies, where in there are a lot of managers and approvers that will be needing their say on to how we can move forward with your requests.

Technically design and functionality are two inseparable tandem. Design indeed important in the long run. Initially this is critical, what is a good software is if it does not work with the user. Design’s importance to a software is end to end. To where be the user would be “wow” about is the design, the user will not actually use it if the interface is not appealing. Functionality is important as well when you catch the attention of the user. But satisfaction will fall down if it does not work, literally. Functionality can always be improved in between during run. All in all they are inseparable duo. You cannot focus on one while the other suffers, there should be an equal treatment on this both.

I understand the struggle on these both parts that I am once a full stack developer. From ground up I can do it. Since we only have a small team to start with, there is no QA team to really mince the project per fibre on what is good and bad on the software. Luckily we have a good presenter.

There are times that I am logically inclined but not creative enough to start the project. Which is bad since the start of the project are the mock ups.

From my posts 8 years ago, I referred to a post as well of a well-known artist in the field of graphic designing. He only says there in his post that having a unique style is not only way to success, but to interpret the needs of the client or a particular audience. What is the relevance of this topic in the design vs. functionality dilemma here? As I said it they were inseparable the whole web development project is both design and functionality, and the interpretation of the developer to the given project is the key to really pull off a good project. Either you need to work with the other designers or developers for your occasional “down time” is not so bad. The important is that you and your client is aligned with the expectation of the project.

Happy Coding.