Colder Mornings: The Sweetest Hugs for Couples


Well I maybe mislead my title, this does not work for me, and we do more with the baby than we as couples. The past few days are really cold out here, due to wind systems coming from cold Siberia and China, we do not cuddle much as a couple. Well for some new born, we are more focus on the new girl than to ourselves which we admit to ourselves that is why we rather have occasional hugs than cuddle ourselves at night while we are sleeping.

It is really healthy for a couple that really feels their partner physically. Well for at least a hug or a kiss, it is greatly appreciated.

How to fight a very cold day?

Share a hot coffee or chocolate with your love ones or a hot soup which is my favorite by the way. It relieves my throat rather than the coffee and the choco.

This is also an opportunity to talk and check with your partner how is she? Let this be a opener for a conversation. Recently we really do moved on with the kids ills last few weeks, well it is really a wallet ripper. So we talked about plans ahead and a new opportunity opening for wife and she’s excited then I am excited, support all the way.

Cold mornings can be even warmer with the love you radiate to your partner by doing talks about life plans. Plans and dreams you build together as one family.

Lapses in Memory: Age? – Short Post


There’s really a lot to blog from the past 3 months, but I really do not have a time and my machine broke last October and I just got it back on.

memory1Well from I will retro a lot of posts just to have something every month. A lot of opportunities were coming and going out of my hands but I guess it’s better to be occupied with my family than anything else.

What Keeps Me Busy

I am very busy playing in the past 2 months and then my machine broke. Then I got a shifting schedule in the office which really ruins my sleeping habits. I’ve been busy with my wife since she got an emergency last October. This by the way is good, that I got to do the chores that I never tried before, which is very revealing at this stage of my life. My daughter got some nifty medals to add up on the rewards of being a parent.

Recent events really give me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a responsible husband and dad to my daughter which will be eventually twice as fun. Taking all the credit on the past activities I really have these lapses in my memory and organization. This draws a lot of work; let’s call it a side effect of the task assigned that should have got on the first try.

I really need to do some memory exercise for myself to keep me from being reminded every time.

Moving Up: The Date

Moving Up
Moving Up

The school is out and the day is just about to begin, Moving Up and Recognition Day! I am not expecting more than the usual routine, besides I’m just a cameraman, a man with a camera. I just need to capture that special moment of my daughter on her special day, at least for the moment, there will be more of these next school year.

Well as expected the call time is earlier than the actual start of the program. We chilled on our seats for a bit while waiting for the others to settle. Then the program started as planned, the SEAM Mambugan Christian Learning Center, Moving Up and Recognition Day has started. They really planned it out, they make sure, on that day it’s their time to shine. There are a lot of singing and dancing presented by the students, It’s really nice.

Then here comes the marketing speech! This is by the principal of the school, then some guests that got the same surname of the principal, which they say when we pay for the moving up fee its for the fee for the guests. The speech is just the same old mind set they put on the children, but I think different so I do not pay attention to the speech, for the last 2 mins that he is standing in front of us talking nothing. Yes! In respect with the speaker he is older maybe, hey they put some encouraging words but when I heard the word investment, I am just thinking, tuition hike!

Moving Up

I do not want to bore myself so I focused to my beautiful daughter. She is really happy that day, and as parents we are so proud of her. It is the first time I attended an event of my daughter so I want to be with her all the way and capture every second of it.

Then the program continued as they call on the awards and luckily I captured that moment when her mother put the medal on her neck,  a very very surreal moment when that little bundle of joy received a recognition of her excellence. Good Job!

Then the student offered a presentation, a thank you message for all the parents. It’s just heartwarming seeing the kids singing in front of us.

Then they performed another song with action and the kids are just adorable. My heart melt when they sang. Those little voices of children makes you feel proud as a parent that they grown that fast and reach that level of expectation, all I can say is it is all worth it, as a parent you need to strive harder to be able to cope also with the demands of education of your child.

Then we thought the program is ending but then a faculty member stand and says it’s the recognition time. We just thought it is for the graduating student that excelled in class, well it is the recognition of all the pupils that represent the school in contests! So we thought for those who reached regional since my daughter is hungry, we gave her a cookie to tame the rumbling on her tummy. While eating the first cookie I just heard the surname. Then I am just smiling taking the picture of my daughter receiving a certificate for winning first place on an english poem category. I am in nirvana and just smiling, daddy is proud.

Then the next we found ourselves in a very far place and the next thing we end up in the house tired but very fulfilled on the events that turned out that day.

Congratulations Rexelle, we are so proud.