They Are Campaigning: Ignoring Politics


Sick and tired, these are the two words that I’ve been saying since campaign period started. They will uplift the life of many filipinos, we will create more jobs, economy growth, yadda! Yadda! Yadda! Crap! Crap! Crap! They never kept their promises due to politics among politicians, due to party problems, due to other alibis that would keep their riches, I mean, that would keep them from doing what is due to their constituents.

Since I saw a politician after a mass, I felt bad to these people that are abused time and time again everytime they are needed to vote. Such a shame that we vote people that will abuse us. I haven’t seen a supporter that really believes on what is right about this politician, what is good about him, what are the strong points that the people would vote for him, supporters are just there for their own personal gain, to have something small in return, free lunch and a lot GCs and vouchers.

They would really do everything for a vote, they will have TV guestings, TV Ads, newspaper ads, slogans and jingle that the composer is not informed his music is used by a politician.

Then after all of these, when the vote is casted and proclaimed winner.  They will have now the right to delay what is due to the people who voted him there.Then just to say a project has been made the politician will build a 3 year road improvement project that would cost millions and would range a meter, that will cause 4 years of traffic then after a year the same spot will be improved then after the term left unfinished.

A cycle that will never remembered and forever be forgiven by the culture of the Filipinos.


25th EDSA Celebration: Celebrating The Democracy Or Just A Good Party?

EDSA People Power Celebration
This is not the latest article for the EDSA Celebration last Feb. 25 2011. Everybody is reliving the scene and reminiscing the feeling of all in the streets during that victorious moment. This is the moment of our countrymen specially those who in front of the tanks, praying, chanting and watching the history unfolds in front of them. It’s always nice to be with the memory on how the people came to the streets, equipped with what they know and the guts of what everybody else must do, fight for the rights and democracy for all Filipinos. This victory of ours is a manifestation our consciousness for our society that every celebration of it must have a learning experience to awaken the roots on what are filipinos back then, or they are extinct to the present generation.

Many teens today are just watching in online tubes on what is the situation back to that marvelous hour. They say they are feeling what they are feeling back to that moment just watching at it, you have no idea. They are not smiling back then and just waiting it for it to end in like a fairy tale. It’s not that simple, there are no assurance that it will end peacefully.

Although we are the first to celebrate democracy but isn’t it has the same ground with independence day? Fighting for democracy is such a serious matter, it has a deep meaning for all of us. I am not bitter about the recent celebration but I am just wondering is it proper? Watching,most of them if not all, the new generation of hope to be leaders, is “partying” and not educated what others has sacrificed on that moment. We should move on and not to be bitter but on how it’s celebrated and what is the mindset we are giving to this kids, that It’s all but a good feeling, that’s it.

I as a Filipino every celebration of the EDSA Revolution should be noticed all over the world. The meaning of it become useless and irrelevant every year that we celebrate it like that. The celebration should be culturally inclined and not like a noon time show, it’s too bright and shiny.

The call to be an advocate it’s not you said it then it’s done, the passion should be called and the consciousness should be awaken.

We can all praise the event that it’s a huge success, but we can do it better next time. We can say and talk about this every year but what mindset do we leave to the new generation, it’s just a day of partying and get drunk afterwards.

Here are some of the activities that should be in the news and not those celebrities, “cause history class is so boring, it’s too early and it’s hot outside… ”

February 25 will kick off with an Honors and Flag Raising Ceremony at 7:30am at the People Power Monument and an Unveiling of a statue of Cardinal Sin in Rizal Park at 9:30am.

Job Fair will also be held from 7:30am to 3:00pm at the POEA Building, featuring 25,000 job openings for work abroad. An Unveiling of the Marker will also be held at the POEA building at 11:00am to mark the exact location where President Cory Aquino delivered her speech during the People Power Revolution.

The northbound lane of EDSA will be transformed into a fair ground for the whole day, where celebrants will be able to see the actual tanks used by the soldiers during the revolution. People can also take part in a military-style Boodle Lunch set for 2,500 people including CEOs, LGU representatives, student leaders, and others.

Salubungan Program will also be held in the afternoon to reenact the moment when then-General Fidel V. Ramos and Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile joined forces against Marcos.

Live Musical Variety Show will begin at 8:00pm along White Plains Avenue featuring performances from various local artists. A fireworks display will follow.

Medical-Dental Mission will also be held in Camp Aguinaldo from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Other LGUs across the country will also be holding medical missions, tree planting activities, smoke belchers monitoring activities and other projects.


Schedule of 25th EDSA Revolution anniv celebrations
The monumental song of the EDSA PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION

Where are the “Old Filipinos”?

Noli Me Tangere
Noli Me Tangere

In this age of automation, it’s like everything is instant and fast-paced. Pay bills while commenting on the new status of a friend and doing research work for a freelance job, while enjoying the presence of love ones in one sitting. I am not talking multi-tasking it is a whole new story. I am just in the tip on what I am trying to say. Life of convenience is we are building and not life with meaning.

Sometimes it’s more interesting to talk with old people than people on my age, of course except my chosen friends. Mostly the talks of young people are all about getting laid every night and how they finish a bottle of alcohol in one single gulp. With this all pleasure and luxurious life of the new generation, you will stop and ask are we really in crisis? Going back on my high school days when we are dissecting the novel of Jose Rizal, Noli Me Tangere, there is a paragraph there where the Spanish priests think that the Filipinos are so lazy. If there are Spanish priests right now, I think they were right, I couldn’t agree more. Everyone now a day is thinking about instant cash, easy money, and short-cut to success, and hailing Willie Revillame king.

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.


Where are the hardworking Filipinos? It’s not that we will be slaves forever abroad or will be collared employees with no money after retirement. To what I am saying is we are skilled enough to be independent and make money out of our own talents. Though there are many factors that prevent us from being entrepreneurs.

  1. High Capital
  2. Risks
  3. Venue of business
  4. Competition

Filipinos are living in the mercy of the game shows in lottery and offline betting, hoping that they will have better chance in winning than make something out of themselves. Filipinos are better than that; I knew there are many scars of the society that is needs to be cured by the people itself. It must start with you and slowly we can male that change for the better Philippines.