Quantity is Not Always Productive

Are you working like a factory worker? A worker based on the quantity you made even it is not stitched well, or glued well maybe it is missing 1 button. Heavy production will greatly have poor quality assurance. Is this the product that your customer will be remembering of you?

There are many companies that really work smart and produce a few products but focused on the quality of it.


“We will release when it’s done” This is the immortal words of the Keeper of the Grove, Blizzard Entertainment. The company that gives you Diablo series, the Warcraft series and the forever hit, Starcraft. Their trend in game making is really not for profit easily and profit quickly, as we know it there are only a few versions of the games said.


Surprised? Apple is still the leading in mobile and computer hardware. Though they have also a quite few creations but at least one for a specific purpose. The iPod for music, their mobile flagship the iPhone, the iTouch, the iPad and their Macs in all sorts of size and density, they surely came and conquered almost all aspects in professionals life. They surely revolutionized the era even after the passing of a great hero in electronics hardware.


They surely revolutionized the SLR era and a lot of pictures are taken every day. This is because the wisest camera ever built is from Nikon. They have also have a few digital camera series but their main product is on SLRs and photography accessories. A lot of colors are now spread throughout the world with these cameras at hand.

My top three manufacturers of quality based products, they surely have something to say about what they have accomplished. They focused on what are their strengths, they left a mark in their path and they let other to be with them in the race. So who’s up with it?


POSTAWEEK2011: Music For Games Enthusiast

Yes, I am a games enthusiast, I just love playing games and finishing them the longest way possible. I mostly explore items, skills and dungeons in all the games I played. Well as I’ve said you have the idea of what kind of games I am playing, mostly Role Playing Games. I haven’t played mostly of them due to personal circumstances but when I play a game I enjoyed every stage of it. So what is a game without music? You can never enjoy a racing and sports games without soundtracks.

The music makes the whole game “WHOLE”, there is no “ENJOY” in the game without music. I played a lot and I play them hard with all my heart and understanding. The music evolves the whole environment specially if you are in a vibrating seat while maneuvering your way to traffic. You can’t have a chilling effect if there is no sound in every cut scene you encounter with the baddest zombie or biological error you may encounter in a room full of roaches (ew).

Here are the TOP 3 games that has really outstanding SOUNDTRACKS and SCORES.

1. RED ALERT 2 – The metal nature of the intro music is such a ballad for me. Having that kind of music can pump blood in your head!


Red Alert 2

2. NEED FOR SPEED – The collection of its music is just “jiggy” and really gives you the feeling of being “pimped”

3. SILENT HILL – Simply its realistic and it’s creepy.

Games and music are 2 independent entities but a game will never be the same without a quality music. Music is the soul  of the game it will be boring without it. As the years may pass gems will evolved together with the soundtrack and musical scores it will produce to give the extraordinary feeling of being in the game itself.


POSTAWEEK2011: The Plants Killed The Lich King!

The title is a little bit misleading but it catch you right? Furthermore, the plants reality killed my lich king habits for a week now. I finished the Adventure Mode for a long time in Plants vs. Zombies and tried the Survival mode endless. Yes, I choose Plants vs. Zombies against Ragnarok, Warcraft and even Cityville. I need more strategies in Plants vs. Zombies unlike all of the games I said.

I am in 29 32 Flags in survival endless, not impressive unlike with the the other guys played the game. Though its not quite long enough to boast it but it all depends on your own strategies I am just here to give you foundation.

1. Have to earn as much sunlight. – I earn as much as 7k++ of sunlight just for the span of 2 flags. I just started with a potato mine and a cat tail, on the first 2 flags then forming a kernel-put for the consecutive rounds. No watermelons yet.

2. Set up your shrooms early –  The survival endless is on day mode, your foundation army is sleeping, the shrooms. You will prove that you yourself when you died early on the game. On my 32nd round I left with 4 shrooms upfront. Set this early cause they will cause a lot of sunlight, while your 2 headed sunflower is still many.

3. Don’t nuke it yet – Set up your Cob Cannons later on the 27th round onwards. Just start with 2 when you step on the 21st round. Then complete the 8th set on the 29th or 30th if you still have sunlight, you should have 5k of sunlight to accomplish this.

Here the 3 key points to survive the Survival Mode : Endless, now the execution depends on your strategy, start strong and Gargantaur will be angry early on the 20th round. If you start discreetly, the zombies will be surprised to the Great Wall of Cob Cannon you have on the next round. The AI of of Plants vs. Zombies that I have is pretty much unpredictable. The perfect positioning of the plants is still out there, many have suggested but on game will be different. So Lich King will have to stay on his Frozen Throne for a while, for I will be preparing my lawn for Gigantaur!