The Campaign Is On : Who will you vote?


Now they cast their declaration of candidacy who will you vote?

From the ups and downs of just recently events, seriously who will you vote? Re-electionist that will again and again shut you up in the internet?

From the events that led to the TRO of Cybercrime law do you think the TRO is connected to the candidacy of these politicians? Or this is just a mere coincidence? How come that they are very certain that this law should be passed and be implemented but yet during the casting of their candidacy there is some miracle that at least someone from the Supreme Court listens that this law should be put into hold.

People of today are not as dumb it may seem, with the information all around them they read and they listen. The freedom to speak and be heard is still the way to a healthy society, an active opposition is still the nature of a healthy democracy which we Filipinos are very known for.

These are the Senators who authored the Cybercrime Law that should be carefully watched by the people. These will senators will eventually please you and court you for your vote but do not be deceived by their looks and charm, they will shut you up, online.

  1. Senators Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada
  2. Gregorio Honasan
  3. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson
  4. Lito Lapid
  5. Loren Legarda
  6. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel 3rd
  7. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.
  8.  Vicente “Tito” Sotto 3rd
  9. Ralph Recto
  10. Manny Villar
  11. Edgardo Angara
  12.  Pia Cayetano
  13. Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr.
  14. Francis Escudero.

If you haven’t read the law read it here, RA 10175 Cybercrime Law

This is just public service reminder.

Dismayed On the People Who Called Themselves Leaders


Who is your idol? Who is that person that you look up into? Is he your father? Or maybe your eldest brother that look after you? Or a brother to another mother that guides you to some point in your life? Whoever he is, they lead you to wherever you are now, and there is a purpose why you met them. What is the point? These are the people you call heroes, a leader of sort but what does it take to be a leader?

Shiny teeth – you should have shiny teeth to appear beautiful in posters.

Photoshopped face – if you can’t pay for a Belo, your local graphic artist can, no one can tell the difference.

Scandalous past – you need to heat things up! You need something to pitch in, you need to feed the hunger for gossip of the people.

Scandalous Scam – This is the requirement of a traditional politician, you need to be greedy.

Well some we call leaders are like these but not all of them there are some really lead the people to greatness and awesomeness. Unfortunately there are some in my community that is really abusing their power. Though they just collect 5pesos for garbage collection still it is supposed to be free since I already paid my taxes, then I’m paid!

It’s really frustrating and disappointing that you hear something bad about the government and inner workings around the bureaucracy, and then in the end they encourage you to pay your taxes!

The leaders supposed to be a leader of good conduct and public service; they should be a role model to all that when time comes even how bad the situation the people will believe in you since you always do good for them. How can you say that even how poor you are right now that you see there is hope for a better tomorrow if even your last 5 pesos is collected for the service that is supposed to be free?

Even how little the amount if you have 5,000 people in the community, you do the math.

Monster Monsoon: The Effect of Politics in Calamity Funding

Invisible Girl

The rain stops and the sun shines again, normally we say back to normal to most of us here in the Metro. Almost to that scenario, I went to my mother last Saturday and how I felt bad for my parents. The house is almost clean at least most of it, they can lie down in a more comfortable spot in the house, but still they are surrounded with flood and the good news they haven’t received any relief.

Well you can’t rely on the government in some social issues, but this is calamity, this is immediate danger in the health and safety and still the local government doesn’t hear anybody, now you can’t avoid comparing.

My parents are in Pasig and we all know who the prominent surname there is. I can’t just sit on my back relaxing in a high ground while my parents are submerged. As an old citizen of Pasig, the problem of flood is an old story.


The Problem of Flood

Every year, in every city, flood is a problem; it is a common problem to all, the question why is it remained to be a problem?


Garbage is a problem that will cause another problem. Waste Management roots to the culture of the Filipino, a problem in education about taking care of the environment. We have been patronizing plastic and then we suffer the consequence of our advancement, going back to the basics of paper. Paper which is from trees which is need to be cut to produce paper but then.


Illegal logging has contributed problem in the continuous fight for the environment. We all know trees suck the water in the ground to create food, yet we still think of profit first before the large effect of our actions.

These two problems created a chain reaction in our problem in flood. We create villages and subdivisions in mountains and yet no replacement for the trees we cut and we still complain why there is landslides and floods and many lives are lost. We did not listen to our parents that we should throw our trash in trash cans and we let our children throw away plastic wrappers to the streets and we complain about flood.


Then again the projects of different municipalities should be effective enough to the good of all its residents. Let’s have an example Marikina, they proved that they are the one of the cleanest cities and I envy their leadership in achieving this status. What happened to others? Pasig I also admit it is pretty tough since it is a big one, then again it should not be taken lightly. I saw the projects left and right after Typhoon Ondoy they really take action in widening drainages around and really clearing them up but still the same problem remains the same, it still floods. Given it floods since it flowed from Marikina, meaning Marikina is higher than Pasig? Marikina will be flooded first but after a few days’ floods in Marikina significantly vanished but then a large part in Pasig, still remain submerged.

It is a given fact that homes close to the river are the affected severely of flooding but with a proper drainage system, the water shouldn’t stay that long in the streets. Think about it! Do something about it!