The First Test of Our 6th Year


Health has really knocked us out this year and it’s really scary. I am scared about my daughter, scared for the health of my wife and scared of my life. Where is God now in my life? He’s been our savior for the last 5 years of our lives as a family but it seems He is just looking at us closely, I think we just need to trust Him on this, what is the perfect end in this kind of situation. We just need to be strong and we know as a family we will be stronger.

My daughter has this rash from a dengue incident that we don’t know. She is strong and healthy looking but her platelet still below the normal. We are still fighting for her and we should show how strong her parents are so that she will have no clue after this and we will just smile on this one. Her platelet count is slowly rising from 130 to 140 then 142, but why is this slow? Still it is under our monitoring.

Then I am diagnosed with Pneumonia, how bad is it? Well the x-ray shows I have this pneumonia on my right lung. Actually this is expected with the kind of lifestyle I have so after this, that lifestyle will be no more. The old I should die together with my pneumonia.

Now I am praying more for my wife, she’s been there all the time and I should return the favor. The lifestyle I have is her burden, I am her cross and she lifted me every time. I am her husband and I should take some of her burden and lighten up her things. To where we are right now is perfectly fine we just have to stand up be strong for the family.

God Smiles Upon Us Every day, no worries.

Keep Your Sanity : Have A Good Sleep

I started to this post to reflect on what is happening on my blogging today, I can’t Write! Well I am struggling in writing now. Due too many games in line to try out and my sleep suffers, I am really lacking of sleep now a days.

In encyclopedic reference please do visit Wikipedia, according to Wikipedia, sleep is a naturally recurring state characterized by reduced or absent consciousness, relatively suspended sensory activity, and inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles.

Sleep for me is a rest, a refresher state where you free all your stored procedures from incoming commands. In common term you are immovable from all work, you are resting.

Sleep is a very good for the brain to free up itself from the barrage of commands during the day. It liberates the brain to gain more command in the coming days.

In an industry like Information Technology, it is the backend of any company today, so the pressure is on IT for the company is able to accomplish its whole day operation. Any human errors, every glitch and enhancements are all loaded to the IT guys. In the end of the day zombies, plus the vices after work, your day will end tomorrow and a few hours later you will be working again, so before you start your work you are already exhausted. This cycle continues until you snap and your system become sick.

Now I am really struggling with my writing and this post is really a long shot if I finish it grammatically correct, or correctly spelled. Somehow my brain is overloaded with the things that are not flushed on my 4 hours of sleep. After this post I would really loved to sleep.

Good Night!

New Format, New Blog

Well I haven’t blog on my health blog recently. Well I got lazy, that’s it I am a lazy blogger. Actually I will just prepare 40 articles first before I open my health blog again. So that if a day got so lazy, I am prepared.

I want it a lot of juicy recipes this time, share some videos of recipes over youtube. The new blog will be as juicy as this one, but has more targeted and specific questions to answer. This time I will target a more profitable audience, something to do with workout and wellness. People want to be well this days, even they are not rich, they want to be well. Wellness are more of holistic more organic than wellness of the pockets. I will be more conscious with the health of the elderly and more on relaxation, massages and tranquility of one’s being. The format today is more on the environment and organic ways of living, there will be more of that but will focus more on the organic and not so on the environment that will be a sub topic to it.

I will prepare the posts this week, my interests will be more of the whole wellness of a person and the psychological effects of it…. I will not change the name since I will be still organic.


Happy Blogging everyone!