Feeling Nostalgic: Going Back To That 90’s Feels

Oasis -Be Here Now

Just one Saturday night, after eating dinner, I launch YouTube and searched a song popped in my head. “Bathwater” by No Doubt. Maybe ears got used to the music I was playing, my neighborhood is playing (every morning they just maxed out the volume of their speakers) and my daughter is playing to her phone over and over again. It just happened I searched songs of “No Doubt”, “The Cranberries” and played the whole album of Oasis, “What’s the Story Morning Glory”.

As of the moment none of the modern music really stayed in my head. I guess the Western music just do not stick now a days. I appreciate the effort that they are creating sounds of cheer, I still hear some songs of hope and good relationships. I can still hear some loyalty messages and loving oneself. But it seems they just don’t stick anymore. We can anchor back on the beat of the song, but the messages is not staying on your system. Maybe “Bathwater” is not a good example of what I am trying to convey against the modern songs, but there is something in the songs in the current circulation that just do not struck me and stayed.

We Are Looking On Something Concrete

Relationships of our Western songwriters are on trial these days. Having a relationship on a week before an Album Launch, or a breakup on the day of debut. There are too much hype on their personal lives that the songs they write or sang for a relationship don’t hold up enough credibility to interpreter.

Videos Are Too Graphic

In the age of the internet everyone is accessible without the guidance of someone in authority or someone that will explain to them what is the video is about. In the launch of the new video there are too much guns, “bed actions” and “money” which are accessible anytime in YouTube that are not usually regulated.

“Fun” is Highlighted and Not The Joy of Things

The messages are often misunderstood to be “good” if not explained. The beat masks the messages to be good as it was “just for fun” could be a dangerous mind setting to our modern listeners.

My take on the 90’s music vs. to our songs on circulation? 90’s music seems dark and sad but it took a better picture of the society and a snapshot of the truth. That it would give us an opportunity to learn from it and make something better for ourselves. To the “Club” Music that masks the listeners, they numb our ears of the tough truth that comes with life. We are all in cheer of the messages that “Everything is Fine” that if in reality they experience challenges and pain they would fail immediately, and they will fall very hard from the top of a building. We really need to guard our listeners today, and guide them on a few songs that mirrors the clear message that “We are not in a perfect world”. That we are not in a big party rather we are still in a stage.

On The Playlist: Foster the People, Multitasking the Music Scene


Seriously this people are busy on stage they have a lot of instruments and they all use it! Foster the people an Indie band composed of three beautiful lads from Los Angeles, California. Mark Foster (vocals with a lot of instruments on the list), Cubbie Fink (bass with a boy band look) and Mark Pintius (look like  from the I am Number Four movie) they mash together and formed Foster the people.

These guys really create songs that would give you the groove. The song that would cross the boundaries of any band around that would make up the rock scene bandwagon. These guys created new music for the ear of the new generation.

Freeware Has Never Been This Great

Their debut single “Pumped Up Kicks” started as a free download in 2010 that would later on raised their value in the music scene. As the popularity of the song become viral around the music scene, they decided to create their debut album.

With no experience in touring Foster the People started some gigs on clubs that would give them a kickstart on a much larger crowd and much wider playground, a World Tour.

Foster The People