Guilty as Charged: Netflix is on To Me

Okay, I am into Netflix. They just nailed it. This Defenders union series, Iron Fist’s series and 13 Reasons Why, Netflix just nailed my craving for a good story. Though I heard Iron Fist’s review is bad, well, for me it is a stale story so far but good. It’s just freaking too-good-to-be-true monk. Rand is just too (too) attached of the teachings of the monks that he don’t listen, listening ain’t part of the “discipline”? But for me it is still good, the gore and the kung fu so far, though sometimes it is obvious it is scripted but they can improve it. Going back to Netflix, I have seen these two series and I am impressed on how they would knock the competition down. CW has a up their notch on the “superhero series” part and Flash is still good and Netflix is slowly moving in the end. They hitting the right balance and substance and message.

Yes, that’s the keyword, the message of every series. Let’s see if I would see that on Unfortunate series of Events and Stranger Things. I need to catch up on these two since they have a loud noise when they released. I will respond to the call this time.

Ok, I admit these series is keeping me busy instead of the Genesis Project that we started last month. I guess before I will hook up on these series again I need to focus more on the project.

Happy watching!