2Am Thoughts: Blogging Absence



Busy, busy, busy and still busy. Yes, I am busy as an army of bees. Maybe stress also get a toll of me. I got sick from time to time. I can’t put a little bit of my time in blogging. My mind is blank, with nothing in it just a limbo of worthlessness.

People really put a lot of work in their schedules clogging it with nothing but stress. Blogging for me is really stress reliever and putting my sanity back where it belongs. Then all of my time was spent on following orders and following on the last orders before a new order came. I need to put an end to this. Though what I am thinking is pretty tough, but it is not impossible. I need to fortify the battle plan for this and prepare to the consequence it may lead us into. It’s like a death wish travelling from Antipolo to Ortigas if I have to die every day for my family I will. I need also to resolve my sleeping disorders, I need a doctor for this one. I am always sleepy.

There are a lot of factors why I skip blog lately. The mind wants but the body can’t execute.

Hoping to get better.

A Sudden Rush to The Head

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It’s really quite some time that I logged my last post. I never been to such on the web side these past few years. I have been busy working on with the family life and the work that I have been doing since 2013.

I moved from a web developer to an ABAP programmer. ABAP is a native programming language in SAP. We do mostly support work to the existing HR system we have.

It just struck me to write something. What I have done this past 2 years?

It just felt I was left behind with the technologies in the web. Though the system we maintain is a web app most of its backbone code are done in SAP. Though still in the cloud computing industry, the adrenaline rush of having a web application from scratch is such a liberating experience. On the other hand, solving problem as a support, would give thrills as well.

I still wanted to do developer work, I just need to find time on my very busy schedule at home on how to squeeze those activities, and there goes the alibis. My last post here was something about Symfony, that did not quite blossom in the early stages. Before I got to insert another alibi for myself, I would rather create a few pledges that I need to work on this coming year.

I am thinking of being conscious of my health. My lower body is really a pain in the eyes and a pain in my system, it would really hurt my back a lot. So I need to reduce on the tummy part. I need to cut that giant bulge, I missed my feet already.

Designing, I need to have a concern to the industry that I became my bread and butter. If I can mentor in the office, sure I can inspire others. Besides from joining some discussions on the user groups on facebook, well, I need to inspire others by creating something awesome.

I need to finish something that I started doing. I just need to finish the task, it doesn’t matter if I got paid, I just need to finish, I need to deliver what is supposed to be delivered and document it!

These are just some things I need to prepare myself from. Hopefully I will not be distracted, just focus and put the game face on.

Fireworks is Dead: The Alternatives



I am a fireworks user ever since I start designing website. This was introduced by a friend and the learning curve is really fast so that’s the start of our journey in web designing.

Now Fireworks is dead, moving on to learn a new web designing software. Well there are a lot of options to choose from I just need to have that first step to learn it.

Photoshop: I know how to use this untamed beast, but thelearning curve here is very steep. The interesting part is that, making web layouts out of photoshop is the industry’s standard. No effort will be wasted if you want to learn this application.

Before Photoshop is basically for layout for print, whether it is for normal size papers to large format canvasses. Then eventually they used this to layout websites like they used today. While in Macromedia before, Fireworks was for their web and mock up creations software and Macromedia Flash make the web interfaces alive.

Adobe Illustrator was one of the soft wares that are used vectors as their main objects. Illustrator can make a raster image vectorized. Its output can be described as comic in nature since it came from basic shapes and composite shapes that create a brand new object or character.

Illustrator will definitely worth the try since knowledge of this software is a second in demand in the industry. Well it would require a lot of experience, talent and imagination to compose a character or a logo with this tool.

If you are choosing also the perfect software for your needs, the above are some recommendations. Next I will research for softwares and web applications that would also falls in this category.

Good luck to your first layout.