10 Web Developer Survival Tools

Web development
Web Development
Web Development

This list is the prime of all developer tools needed to have a start up or if you are just starting a personal project, these tools will be a great help to survive the industry’s competition.

You will need the following:

Something to make you remember, taking notes are vital in creating a project in detail. Here are some tools to make your note taking like a pro.

Springnote – If you are a massive note taker, Springnote is just a tool for you. An OpenID enabled note taking application that can take you to another level. Add video and images to your notes and of course, collaborate with your team mates.

Evernote – Simple is beauty. The beauty to this is that the app can be in your tablet phone and of course PC or laptop. The take to this application is the drag and drop feature that allows to see your note clips offline. Plus they have this cool secret email.

What if you have an urgent client meeting? You have a presentation but you forgot to bring it with you. Worry no more; you can now keep your presentations in the cloud.

Dropbox – Dropbox is a nifty online app that can hold up to 2GB of storage. Now you can bring all your presentations and files anywhere.

Google Drive – Here you can create your documents and presentations on the fly.

Then of course, you need the environment.


XAMPP – This is the all in one PHP/MYSQL Environment to all your web applications. You can simulate FTP transfers and email within this software for various test scenarios.

Then here comes the coding part

Notepad++ – This simple editor can easily answer your coding needs. It’s lightweight and has a lot of plugins to choose from for your development needs.

Netbeans – This is a very powerful tool for editing anything and everything. A lot of plugins to choose from and customization for your specific needs. I recommend this one since I use it for myself.

JS Bin – Need an online editor for you Javascript, CSS and HTML? You can debug it here.

Git – After weeks of detecting the defect accidentally you overwrite your changes well that’s terrific. In Git you can avoid those inevitable circumstances. Update with ease, no worries.

Droplr – Well you can’t hog a project alone you need help. To express your ideas to your colleagues more easily try Droplr. No sign up needed, you can collaborate with your people easily, right away you can upload files and share them with a generated url.

Need color schemes?

Color Schemes
Color Schemes?

Kuler –  This is the total tool for your color needs. Nothing cooler than Kuler, nothing more nothing less.

These are just a few of the many tools you can use around.  Some of them you can get it in premium some of them you can get it for free. If you have a budget why not premium? Well what more can you suggest?


An Old Friend and Ally

image courtesy of Corbis.com

As advancement approach our lives we tend to left or forget something that is ancient to others or even non-existent to them. Career ladders are important especially in IT industry, new technologies, advanced techniques and new tools. We tend to trash that the industry says ancient, it’s been your asset for quite some time and now it will be your liability now. What the industry dictates we follow and so we found ourselves forcing to learn this new tech to hell with that corporate crap!

I am still good In Fireworks! I use Photoshop now, but still the ease of working with Fireworks really saves time and step up the pace of my whole day. The fast creation in fireworks it’s like years in Photoshop. It’s been 2 years going to 3 and still I still don’t have the edge to say that I am good in Photoshop. It is really a good tool in designing; it is a complete suite, which I love since I only open photoshop for everything graphical.

Like I said before and I will still say it again, it’s merely a tool and creativity is your real product, your inventory of imagination is your merchandise. I can’t deny that I still use Fireworks in some projects that needs vectoring, which is another story in learning Illustrator. The fact that this is the fastest way I can produce a layout, for rush projects I still use Fireworks and for anything that has something to do with graphics and large format printing, I will use Photoshop definitely. Fireworks is really only for a limited of 6000 x 6000 pixels so I it is useless in large format printing.

In time I can say that I will tame this Photoshop beast and have it as a pet, for the moment I will work on Fireworks more in creating beautiful web layouts. This will save me time for learning Photoshop and work on CSS and save myself of being fired for negligence.

Create Huge Traffic Part 3: Copy-Paste Traffic vs. Rapid Cash Traffic

This is the third and the last in the series of creating traffic if you miss the 1st post and the 2nd post just click on the links. There are many advices out there in creating traffic, some are for google, seo myths, some about email lists and others just go with the old school PROMOTION OF WEBSITE! It’s the traffic you need to succeed in any online business, many visits your site, more profit will follow, so let’s get into the rumble.


When you see his landing page, if you are a high-paid employee you will be slightly shocked with its banner.

CopyPaste Traffic

So why I’am telling this? I should keep it to myself right and earn all the money that I can before it ends. I am sharing this piece of software to all of you to experience it to yourself, and have a comment on this blog that this junk didn’t work for you.

In this system you don’t need traffic! You read it right, No Traffic… Why because the system will automate it to you. Just read what Holly Sutton had to say about this magnificent system.

The package has everything, training videos on how and when to do it in a very spoon-fed manner, it’s really simple. There are also tools that will generate high-rate pages and automate the flow of traffic in your page.

The cool part is that you will just watch and copy. Don’t re-invent the wheel and try this product COPYPASTE TRAFFIC.

If you are amazed with this system, take a look also with the next traffic-generating software then choose the appropriate for you.


I will be just straight to the point here! What will you do of your 100,000 traffic a day when 0.5% of that will be just your real customers, meaning what will you do with a huge traffic if there will be only 10 persons will spend on the product you will promote?

In his landing page, It’s really kind a boring at first, but when you get into the last part you will get into thinking and just tempted to press that add to cart button.

Here’s what he do, literally it gives you what you need. It gives you a 100% credit card spending visitors. It’s very newbie-friendly, all you have to do is copy and paste your Affiliate IDs. Though I got turned off with his typo errors but the software really is working!

If you don’t take my word for it, they have a 60 days money back guarantee, they will return every cent you spent on their software.

So which is which… Choose and don’t be left behind.

Happy Marketing!