Netbeans Will Fall In Line: Atom Now

From my last post, I aimed to try on Netbeans as my IDE, but it seems Atom caught my attention. The first impression was lightweight.


No drama, no extra effort in setting up. It’s like “where is your project folder? , Ok, can I open it for you?”. That simple. I no need to adjust to black background or set up the colors of the text it’s there already. On my launch, after I installed it, I thought it will have a shortcut after installation, the “used to” splash screen was also help me set up, the next time I launch the app.

Setting up GIT, so fast, I did not give the chance to document it. I think it’s already there.

I love the user interface very user friendly. You can put your codes side by side which is very helpful for me since my project is getting bigger and bigger. I like to see the end variable or the fields I put into a form that I need in  $_POST calls.

I love they put on the effort of a few texts what does this panel do or what values you should put in here.

I think I would like to stay with atom for a while with my current project.


Project geneSIS: The Backend

What to design first? Yes, you read it right, I will be starting to design the admin panel first so the workflow will be the backend first before the frontend, which includes the inquiry forms and login for the students. Why backend to frontend? The reason behind is that the backend will all have the information needed in the frontend. The static pages for the frontend will be less headache than the information or data flow we need in the backend.

The Backend

We will going to have a login for the administrators (school principals, director) and for the department heads and teachers. If you would picture a school set up this will be a medium size private organization. Basically the teachers can input grades for that day then the initial average will be computed but still the whole grading sheet will be subject for revision so it will have an open status until the teacher will finalize it for that quarter. The administrators can arrange schedules and assign teachers for a grade level. They can also adjust percentages for the composition of the final grades and fees needed per grade level.

The Administrator panel should have the controls to adjust or approve any pending items needed for school management.

The set-up should be minimal but rich with process that will be needed for learning experience. Having this set-up this should cover the school management needs.

Let’s start designing then.

geneSIS Project: Weapon of Choice?

You already have the database, and so how will you execute it?

For geneSIS project we will be going with PHP. The plan is to have it as simple coding as possible for learning reference only.

Though the project will be not as small as we initially think it is, we will learn a lot on building the system. The project will run in PHP MysQL and APACHE via XAMPP. It is a all in one installer from Bitnami.

The target is for the beginners needs some inspiration to start web development. I am excited as a beginner that hungers for new experience.

I already built the database but it will evolve eventually as we go along with the project. The database consists of 5 tables. Four tables for admin parts, and 1 for inquiry.

The inquiry table is more of the potential enrollees or students in the school. The other four is for the schedule, level and of course for the teachers, the other one is for the relationship of the three.