All I Need Is Just A New System To Work On

Recently I felt like I am excited with Web Design again. It is my first love, what can I say? I am not really sure where this is all coming from, but ever since I got used to the work I have on my previous team, and I am really wanted a change, I getting hooked again with User Experience. I love my team before, I guess the excitement in the new team escalates when the understanding meets with expectations.

The position is close to the previous team but different offering. It is a whole new system that connects all system that wants to connect any other system. It is an integration team that monitors that comes in or out in other systems.

Why it is so special? It works not just an OOP kind of environment but an MVC kind of environment. This system. it’s functionality, user interface it all brings me to where I began in this industry 9 years ago. So I am pretty much excited with the new technology I am in now, love the team, they are not strangers to me. I just got to move on and shake all of my worries behind. I know I can grow with this new team.

2Am Thoughts: Blogging Absence


Busy, busy, busy and still busy. Yes, I am busy as an army of bees. Maybe stress also get a toll of me. I got sick from time to time. I can’t put a little bit of my time in blogging. My mind is blank, with nothing in it just a limbo of worthlessness.

People really put a lot of work in their schedules clogging it with nothing but stress. Blogging for me is really stress reliever and putting my sanity back where it belongs. Then all of my time was spent on following orders and following on the last orders before a new order came. I need to put an end to this. Though what I am thinking is pretty tough, but it is not impossible. I need to fortify the battle plan for this and prepare to the consequence it may lead us into. It’s like a death wish travelling from Antipolo to Ortigas if I have to die every day for my family I will. I need also to resolve my sleeping disorders, I need a doctor for this one. I am always sleepy.

There are a lot of factors why I skip blog lately. The mind wants but the body can’t execute.

Hoping to get better.

Recently Asked Question: What Else Is There To Blog About?

I recently read about, what happens to SEO when you stop blogging and it does really cut the potential organic hits in your blog, when you just suddenly stop blogging for a long time then come back.

Though I am not a pro blogger, I still wonder what if my blog really produce leads or have something valuable and has a great impact to the niche I am in to. I also wonder what if I have real audience that really reads my blog besides myself or my wife or my friend (1 friend). Then I wonder what else is there to blog about? There are a lot of interesting topics in this post, but it doesn’t really interest me much.

So what are my interest? Are there people like me that has same interest?

Digging to Pop Culture is a gold mine. With these series, marvel movies, DCs, a lot of Batman, Taylor Swift or just plain music would really give you an audience. The downside since you are not alone the market for these topics are really saturated and a lot of big blogs out there already sit on the top spot. That you think, walking along this path would be just a walk in the park.

For my personal blog I just need to boost it up a notch. So I will walk through this since I am not earning anything just to rant about something in my blog. My interest is really important I would target a specific topic once I get use to writing again.