This is Eneza


I am Rex and this is the part of the internet where you never find what you are looking for. I am a web developer in the humble country of the Philippines. This blog is built through the efforts of the heart and mind nothing else.

I am already a father of two beautiful ladies and a husband of one.

Why I Named My Blog Eneza?

It’s really about branding. To have a catchy word and something unique.

It is a Swahili term, meaning “to spread” which we go back to the purpose of my blog, “to spread” something, not necessarily useful, just a shout out. Hey there is a live person here.

ย How Would I Found That Crazy Swahili Term?

Well I am inspired by the open-source program called JOOMLA which is also a swahili word meaning “all together” pretty clever heh! So I looked for a word that would signify what I want to do with my blog, just to spread anything.

If It’s Not Written,ย  It didn’t Happen…

Like I said this is my footprint on where am I now. As the world become faster, and the days become shorter, you will be lost on how fast the world go now a days. So I make sure I leave a footprint, a footprint about life and how it is lived.

I am not talking religion or faith here, but spend time to the things worth to be kept than to the things that are just temporary in nature.

I enjoy my life, a life that only a family can give.